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New Plamo Arrivals For December 3, 2021

It’s a BIG week for plamo! New Bandai Gunpla are here, with sides of Digimon, Hexa Gear, Frame Arms, Evangelion, and more! From Gundam, the new anticipated HG Zaku II and the Full Weapon version of the EG RX-78 hit shelves! From Digimon, we get a non-Amplified Figure-rise Standard version of Metal Garurumon. And there’s plenty more where those came from – check ’em all out below!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


HG Zaku II

From “Mobile Suit Gundam” comes an HG kit of the Zaku II! The armor around the waist has two types of materials to select from: PS molded parts or a soft material that gives you more freedom in moving the legs. Each part of the body adopts a movable gimmick to match the form of the mobile suit. And the kit includes Zaku weapons as well as its backpack.

ENTRY GRADE RX-78-2 Gundam (Full Weapon Set)

In addition to the beam rifle and shield that come with the standard version, this Full Weapon Set for the ENTRY GRADE RX-78-2 Gundam also comes with two beam saber effects, a beam javelin, a hyper bazooka, and a Gundam hammer. Please be careful to use use nippers to remove the clear parts of the beam saber from the runner.


Figure-rise Standard MetalGarurumon

From “Digimon Adventure” comes the second plastic model kit in the Figure-rise Standard series based on the ‘Digimon’ anime, MetalGarurumon! Each articulated part can be moved extensively, allowing you to recreate various action poses from the show. His signature “beam wing” effect can also be replicated with a removable PET sheet that’s included in the kit.

Frame Arms

Frame Arms RV-6 Gullzwerg

The custom Frame Arms based on NSG-12 Alpha Kobold, Gullzwerg, is joining Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms model kit series! Around 60 percent of this model is made up of newly designed parts, and has different proportions than that of Kobold. The parts can be changed out to create various different silhouettes for the model.

Frame Arms EXTEND ARMS 08 (Expansion Parts Set for Kobold)

The customization kit series that includes new armor and weapons to transform Frame Arms models, “Extend Arms,” now has a new kit made especially for NSG-12 Alpha Kobold:RE2!

Hexa Gear


The Hexa Gear Voltrex’s combat preparation is complete — start your engines! This new Hexa Gear model kit features:

  • A newly redesigned hip joint to accommodate more dynamic posing.
  • Each claw of the Plasma Talons can be posed individually, allowing for a variety of expressive poses.
  • Use the included attachment to equip the Weapon Unit 30 Belt Links (sold separately) to the Gatling Gun and increase the amount of ammunition.
  • The cockpit includes new steering and step units, making it easier for a Governor model to ride in it. The step unit is articulated to accommodate Governor models.
  • The Plasma cannon can be attached to Voltrex Wrath or removed and used with separately sold Governor models.

Frame Arms Girl

Frame Arms Girl Handscale Gorai with Jinrai Armor

The Jinrai Armor is a combination of Frame Arms Jinrai and the cockpit part of HEXA GEAR Aerial Fighter Woodpecker using a new joint. This kit allows you to combine your character and mecha models in new and exciting ways.

Frame Arms Girl Architect Nipako Ver.

Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl Architect collaborates with Nipako to bring us this amazing show of Architect decked out in all things Nipako! Not only does she features all new molds, but she comes with three facial expressions and the classic dedicated 3mm shaft connection parts to really customize her up with other Kotobukiya kits!


Evangelion Unit-01 with Spear of Cassius

Kotobukiya unveils a new “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0” plastic model kit of the EVA UNIT-01 wielding the Spear of Cassius! The jaws can open and close in a way that replicates the movement from the movie and the entry plug can be pulled out in conjunction with the rear block. The front of the thighs and kneecaps are interlocking and movable and even the throat is articulated. The unit’s knife can be deployed from the shoulder with the use of interchangeable parts.

ATK Girl


SERQET is the newest addition to the 1/12 scale ATK Girl plastic model kit series! Not only does she come with three types of tampo printed face parts, but she also comes with unprocessed ones. With the use of special decals, you can even make her look any way you like! In addition to the lightly equipped version, you can also arrange for her to be fully equipped if you use the mecha based on a Scorpion motif!

Super Robot Wars

HG Alt Eisen

The Alt Eisen from “Super Robot Wars” now joins Bandai’s HG model kit series! The cylinder of the revolving stake mounted on the right arm can rotate! By deploying both shoulder armors, it’s possible to set it up for the launch of the Square Claymore! A base for display is included, too.

Number 57

NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet Shadow Wolf Plastic Model

From CREATIVE FIELD’s 1/24th scale original plastic model series ‘Armored Puppet’, comes the wolf-based Shadow Wolf, an AI weapon for exclusive combat support! It can transform from a vicious attack wolf to a terrain-based motorcycle.


Pokemon Plastic Model Collection 49 Select Series Gardevoir

The elegant Gardevoir joins Bandai’s “Pokemon” Plastic Model Collection, placing her in the ‘Select Series’ of plamo. The kit is easy to assemble while still retaining the detailed and signature silhouette that Gardevoir boasts. The head is movable up, down, left and right with ball joints and the arm parts and hand parts can be reassembled for multiple poses.



From “SSSS.DYNAZENON” comes a brand new plastic model kit of Dynazenon that’s true to its appearance from the anime! The four mecha forms can be recreated with the use of interchangeable parts and the Dyna Soldier can be combined with the three other ones. Don’t forget about the Dyna Saber that boasts semi-translucent parts for an awesome look.

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