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Hasegawa Show Reports – All-Japan Model & Hobby Show 2012

In this video report Brian, Ryan, and Syd take a spin around the Hasegawa booth, where there was plenty of aviation, automotive, and sci-fi action to be had!

Kits featured in this video:

1/20 LUM-168 Camel
1/72 Eurofighter Typhoon Single Seater
1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle Tiger Meet 2005 by Hasegawa
1/12 Yamaha YZR500 (0W98) 1988 WGP500 Champion
Eggplane Hughes 500 from Hasegawa
Eggplane Hughes 300 from Hasegawa
Eggplane MiG-15 from Hasegawa
1/1500 Captain Harlock Arcadia by Hasegawa
1 72 F-14D Tomcat Ace Combat Pumpkin Face
1/1300 Bodacious Space Pirates Benten Maru by Hasegawa
1/72 Last Exile Tatiana’s Vanship & Fam’s Vespa by Hasegawa
VF-11B Super Thunderbolt by Hasegawa
Eggplane Vox
1/72 Ace Combat Shinden 2 Kei Nagase Color by Hasegawa
1/72 Ace Combat ASF-X Shinden II by Hasegawa
1/350 IJN Submarine Depot Ship Heian Maru by Hasegawa

Hasegawa Show Reports 2012

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