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Eeveelution Eyewear Is Here

With a huge portion of Pokemon’s audience now being adults, it’s no surprise that the world is seeing products being developed for older demographics. And now, we can give a warm welcome to the newest addition – a series of trendy Eevee and Eeveelution glasses from JINS!

This isn’t the first time JINS has tackled Pokemon-inspired eyewear, but it is the first time that the whole Eevee evolution line has gotten a very specific lineup for adults. Each pair of glasses boasts features that any big Pokemon fan can point out, but at the same time the special designs are subtle so you can go anywhere in these bad boys without worry, if you’re on the more shy side of rep’ing your love for Pokemon!

Which pair is your favorite? I’m EYEING those Vaporeon ones, myself! Hahaha, get it? EYEing?! Okay, I’ll go now.

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  1. Haha just when my frames need upgrading. Eyeing the Umbreon one but each frame looks great <3

    • /mwa


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