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Pikachu Banana & the Crossovers Driving the Anime Industry

Today, Dave goes to some of his favorite places: the supermarket and the convenience store, but why? Well, we want to show you how food shopping is a bit different in Japan.

Join us to see how anime & model kit collaborations in unexpected places drive the anime and toy industries in general in Japan. Following the success of the cinema movie Demon Slayer, it was interesting to us to see what helped drive it to defeat the Covid crisis and bring people back to the cinema.

We’re also closing out today with a taste test of a very special Pokemon confection featuring some of your favorite faces from hobbylink.tv!

Shown in the episode:
Demon Slayer Qposket Figures

In-stock anime-themed food!:
Pokemon Curry
Doraemon Curry

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  1. Something else to add to the list of things to eat when I finally get my ass to Japan.

  2. mmm pika fruit

  3. Mmm… gotta get me some Tokyo Banana when/if I eventually am able to get to Japan! So Pikachu tastes like banana? That’s bananas!! XD

  4. looks like a Twinkie bar

  5. My wallet is truly happy that there’s no stores like these where I live.


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