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Creative Field, A New Mech Maker from China!

Recently, we’ve been seeing some impressive kits coming from new Chinese manufacturers, such as Xinshi Hobby with their Metal Slug X kits, or Suyata and their impressive line-up.

Metal Slug X Mini Kits

We’ve even seen a new 1/24th scale model series from China’s newest manufacturer, CREATIVE FIELD: the Armored Puppet!

This manufacturer slightly went under our radar with their first kit in August, the ‘NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet Industry Type.3’. It sold well despite being new because of its novel design and colors — but also because of its customization options.

By attaching different designs of equipment to a flexible inner frame, you could create a mech suitable for various uses.

Furthermore, it was nice to see that they included a pedestal that could be combined with others in the series to make dioramas.

One last nice addition for some lucky early birds was free transparent armor that was only included with the initial release.

Next up, we saw the release of ‘NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet Oni Flame’. It was great to see something in the same series look really original and not just a different color set.

This Ninja style kit allows you to create covert action scenes with an arsenal of weapons such as swords, shuriken, and more for assassination and close combat!

And like before it came with an ‘unlimited base’ that has compatibility with all other kits in this series and can be combined in various ways.

So with these two kits coming and going so quickly, we now have to look ahead to what this company will release. Luckily for you, we have all the pre-order information and this new kit is looking great.

The ‘Number 57 Armored Puppet 57-A5 Battle Type.5‘ kit allows you to create three different types of units with different functions: Land Combatant, Sniper, and Reconnaissance, via changing up the weapons and equipment that are included.

A small drone and bipedal battlebot are also included as support equipment. They can be folded into a box shape and stored.

And like with the first kit, if you’re fast enough with your pre-order you will also get an assault rifle and tactical shield as a bonus!

We are excited to check out this new release next month and to what will come in the future from Creative Field.

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