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1/24 Nunu Porsche 935 K3

The Porsche 911 is an iconic car that has stood the test of time, and been a formidable opponent on the race track. It is one model that has more evolutions than most can count, but for many the 935 K3 is one of Porsche’s most iconic and aggressive altered silhouettes. A tuning company in Cologne took it upon themselves to revolutionize the 935 model in collaboration with Porsche and after a successful K1 and K2 model, the K3 was to become simply iconic.

Turbocharged, and pumping out 700 horsepower, the K3 was run at LeMans and with a long gear ratio was capable of 370kph. Nunu has finally delivered all silhouette fanatics modelling wishes and created a loving remake of the 935 K3. However, this particular build is one with a small twist.

Pictured above is the 79′ LeMans winning K3, although I have chosen to use this superb kitset to reproduce another winning and equally iconic K3 from Germany – The Jagermeister Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft machine.

The kitset

This particular build is out of the box, so taking a look inside reveals a very ‘cut back’ body shell, and sprues molded in black, white, chrome and clear. With very little flash on the parts, a simple light sand achieves beautiful fitment.

The instructions are a bit trickier than what I was used to; the paint codes need to be deciphered as they are written in Japanese, but after some adjusting and translating, things are nice and straightforward. This kit has some ingenious simplistic ways that allow detailing without the awkward, crazy masking and fiddling around. More on that later.

Chassis and engine

The Porsche is famous for its rear-mounted engine. This is a curbside kit so there is no real engine detail although the famous turbo exhaust setup is recreated nicely. A great opportunity to detail up what is shown of the engine and exhausts is well worth the time spend upon completion.

The suspension is very slim on any real detail, however, the low angry stance of the car upon completion means that you don’t see it. After installation the car sits perfectly flat so no 3 wheeling models is great and shows the superb tooling of the kit.


The 935 is comprised of a flat chassis with a tub cockpit setup as per many traditional models. The fundamental detail is good and once again, if you want to add more, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. The Jagermeister 935 is black on black inside so any color is a huge bonus. The gear shifter, steering wheel, and dash build up very nicely.

The inside of the 935 is very mechanical and bare bones as you would expect. All parts except the rollcage are molded in black plastic as per the 79′ LeMans winner requirements.

The dash dials come courtesy of superb decals with next to no edging. Seatbelts and extinguisher markings are also provided.


The 935 is famous for its large rear slicks and small rubber up front. A huge appeal for many is the BBS Turbofan wheels that adorn the K3. In motor racing, wheels don’t get any more iconic than these!

The tires come molded in nice supple rubber that I scuffed lightly to give a ‘used’ appearance. The turbofan covers are also very clean and fitment inside the wheels was perfect.

Included in the kit are decals for the wheel covers, take care lining up the lines on the turbofans for that extra realism.

The body

The body comes with some heavy duty supports molded in to ensure the shape is kept, don’t make the mistake of cutting these off too quickly. I actually left them attached until the entire body was complete and ready for paint. I did trim the joining points lightly for a clean adhesion of the rear fenders, but otherwise they don’t get in the way at all.

After sanding and fitment checks I mocked up the fenders and bootlid on the body. The fenders, bootlid, and rear wing consist of 9 pieces but don’t worry, it all lines up very nicely!

Once all the parts had a single coat of paint I assembled the body. Due to the curvaceous lines in the rear section, the inside of the fenders need painting prior to assembly. Doing a single coat inside and out, allows for a nice solid colour across all areas of the bodywork. Upon assembly of the body I then added 2 final coats of paint. I used the Tamiya TS12 spraycan as this is a perfect match in my opinion for the Jagermeister orange hue.

It was at this stage that things felt a bit too orange. The trim that is then added to the body nicely breaks up the solid Jagermeister flagship orange. I mentioned earlier that Nunu has one ingenious thing that really appealed to me, and that is the way they have approached the window glass in the 935.

Rather than a single clear window piece that mounts inside the body, they have crafted front, side, and rear glass that mounts on the outside. The black trim is painted on the edge of each pane, and then added to the body. This makes for a much easier, and accurate, paint job for the window rubbers and doesn’t end up with fiddly masking on the body. Once installed the look is very accurate and clean. A huge plus for any builder!

Another intelligent approach to the kit is the front lights. Nunu provides nice thin covers molded in clear plastic, and then decals for the back edging. Perfect for keeping accuracy high and not needing a steady hand on the paint brush. I added very small piece of BluTac adhesive in the corners as you can see above, but once the decal trim was added over top you don’t see them, this way I avoid any clouding of the clear part when using plastic cement.


Despite using a seperate aftermarket sheet for the livery, I did still use some of the box stock decals for the cockpit and tires. They are exceptional quality, and need little to no decal solution to adhere and form nicely around curves.

This is the aftermarket sheet that I used to break up all that orange. These are printed by Cartograf, Italy.

The finished product

Once the windows are in, trim is on, and the body is mated to the chassis, the end result will please any builder. The stance and tuck of the rear wheels is perfect, the dimensions of the kit are spot on, and Nunu has produced ‘Tamiya fitment’ right out of the box for us.

The Jagermeister 935 K3 is an iconic version of the K3 and Nunu has provided the perfect base to do a raft of the different liveries such as Jagermeister, Apple Computer, Coca Cola, Sachs and many others that ran through the 80s’.

This model was on my bucketlist for a long time prior to Nunu releasing it so it is fair to say I had high expectations for it. Those expectations were not only met but knocked out of the park. If the 935 K3 is the standard of Nunu’s quality of tooling then I look forward to purchasing other kits in their lineup to add to the collection.

Get yours here:
1/24 Racing Series Porsche 935K3

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