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Big Figures for Big Spenders!

Furyu’s F:NEX shop has unveiled two massive figures last week that are for the true collectors out there! Say hello to the Nezuko from “Demon Slayer” that comes with an enormous cabinet, and the Evangelion Unit-01 that’s larger than most humans!

Nezuko herself might not be all that impressive in size, ‘kneeling’ at about 44cm tall, but the real size comes from the box that she comes with at a boast-worthy 64.5cm. That means, of course, that Nezuko can be placed inside and the door can even close. Perfect for when your Normie relatives come to visit and don’t want to see giant Nezuko out and about.

“Yeah, Auntie J, this is, uh, my new cabinet!”

A perfect excuse.

But when it comes to size, this beast of an EVA UNIT-01 is really where it’s at. Standing at an absolutely massive 234 centimeters – that’s almost 7’7″! Sign this boy up for the NBA because we’ve got a new slam dunker on our hands!

Not only is this particular UNIT-01 enormous, it’s also fitted with a ton of gimmicks like tons of areas that emit that signature green light and a real steel frame. And, boy, it better come with all of that good stuff because at a price point of more than 3 MILLION YEN, the fan that dishes out the dough for this collectible is gonna want the very best!

We may not have a $30,000 EVA UNIT-01 for you to check out, but we do have equally as cool Evangelion action figures for a fraction of the price.

Or, if you’re still thinking about that Nezuko, you might wanna check out the tons of Demon Slayers goodies we have in stock!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go teach that UNIT-01 how to slam dunk.

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