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Gunpla TV – Episode 38 – One Piece Thousand Sunny Build Pt. 1

Previously we asked if the viewers of Gunpla would like to see one of Bandai’s One Piece kits, the Thousand Sunny! And, as expected, the response was heavily on the ‘Yes’ side.  Of course, it was. It’s Plamo we’re talking about here, and Bandai Plamo at that. This is the first of two episodes giving a look into what goes on when assembling this kind of kit. If you’ve assembled this kit yourself, let us know what you thought about it.

In this episode:
– Thousand Sunny

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  1. Horrible, horrible stickers… and so many. It’s one thing I really can’t stand about Bandai.

    • @ George if they did not supply stickers people would complain, i really don’t think many people will be complain about the fact they gave you more than less.
      One easy solution for this would be to paint it yourself, painting is not hard to do and when you buy any type of model to really bring it to life some form of painting is generally required because stickers just don’t cut it when you want a realistic look. But people who paint models usually don’t complain they just don’t use the stickers on the other hand people who don’t like to paint and want to just snap together a kit find the stickers do their job perfectly.

  2. I wish Bandai would just include water slides with all their kits. It.s such a pain to drop $5-$10 US for water slides plus another $5-$10 in shipping. At least on all the MG kits should get water slides.

  3. That’s true, can’t complain if they give you more… I guess I’m still just sore about the 1:100 VF-25. 🙂

  4. The part where Syd says stay on target in video when applying the stickers , reminds me of Star Wars for some reason . lol


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