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1/100 NSG-Z0/D Magatsuki Limited Edition by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/100 NSG-Z0/D Magatsuki Limited Edition by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (9)

Magatsuki is finally put together. Let’s take a closer look!

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (2)
Simple to build, and the light armor mode is very similar to Durga.  But of course the fun is adding on the armor!

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (6)
This is the real Magatsuki!

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (7)

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (8)
The head has a nice samurai feel to it.

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (10)
And with 2 pairs of blades in different sizes, posing can be a lot of fun.

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (12)

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (13)

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (14)
Same as Durga, you can customize the armor and put different pieces on different parts of the body to get some nice different looks.

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (15)
They make a good team.

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (16)
With the height being just barely the same as the MG Gundam 2.0, thanks to the blades.

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (17)
For some final thoughts, this kit is just as much fun as Durga, and maybe even a little more!  Despite the identical frames, thanks to the armor you can get quite a lot of variation without too much effort. Meanwhile, the mobility is solid, and the overall appearance and coloring looks quite good.  Of course, you can make it look even better with a proper paintjob, or at least improve things a little bit by lining and painting silver at the back of the clear parts. The only thing that really could stand for a bit of improvement is the quality of the frame, as it’s pre-built. If the frame is a bit loose, you’ll have to work a little harder to make sure things stay together.  Finally, if you like Frame Arms, it’s a lot of fun to show off with Durga on your shelf. Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-magatsuki-review (18)
Musha galore!

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  1. This review was published August 1st, but it’s already “Discontinued” on HLJ’s store? What’s up?

  2. Rob what’s going on? You clearly finished your RG exia but and even did some other kits but you did not update your youtube channel, twitter and even your own site! Where are you? 🙁


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