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1/144 Su-47E Berkut by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

1/144 Su-47E Berkut by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-Su-47E (1)

The Su-47E is a 3rd generation Tactical Surface Fighter from the anime Muv-Luv, and is named after a real Russian fighter. How is this new kit from the Muv-Luv product line? Let’s find out!

rrobbert184-Su-47E (4)
The box is almost identical to a regular High Grade box from Bandai.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (3)
3500 JPY is the price which you can see in the corner.  Pretty low compared to other Kotobukiya kits. And even cheaper at HLJ.com!

rrobbert184-Su-47E (2)
The cover shows off a fair bit of color on the upper body, but will it be reflected in the plastic?

rrobbert184-Su-47E (5)
And at the bottom, some beasts to contrast with the girls.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (8)
The front a rear shots show off a lot of red, with a pretty interesting design, for a cool overall look.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (6)
Features are shown off, with some paint included by Kotobukiya, folding blade, and 3 Betas included.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (13)
Inside the box, you’ll see some small colorful plates, with most of the remainder being grey.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (9)
The manual folds out like a brochure.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (10)
Some multi-color pages showing the weapons, pilots, and some nice lineart.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (11)
A clean look around the manual. It doesn’t look hard to assemble, as you can see from their being only a few pieces added per step.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (12)

rrobbert184-Su-47E (15)
All the plates shown in alphabetical order.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (16)

rrobbert184-Su-47E (17)
Two identical C plates, and you can see one of them is prepainted, though ever so subtly.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (18)

rrobbert184-Su-47E (19)

rrobbert184-Su-47E (20)

rrobbert184-Su-47E (21)
Here’s where it gets interesting, with two plates of clear color parts, but will the small amount of solid red and light grey be enough when assembled?

rrobbert184-Su-47E (14)
The way some of the pieces are bagged individually is interesting, and does a good job protecting them, which Bandai doesn’t do with its kits.
Overall, this kit really reminds me of larger scale HG throughout the unbox, from the plates, the manual and even the price, which may be exactly what Kotobukiya wants. The painted color apps are small but a nice touch, but to make it look really good, I can already see a fair bit of painting will be needed. Can’t wait to see the assembled kit to see how it stacks up to the other 1/144 models we’ve all seen. Anyway, better get it done before it’s eaten by the tank-class Betas, which are a cute addition.

rrobbert184-Su-47E (22)
“So can you also transform into a Russian fighter?”

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  1. Great Unboxing!
    Can’t wait for the next part.

  2. That’s a real nice choice Rrobbert184!

  3. Can’t wait to see this built. Although speaking of russian planes, the one I want to see as a transforming kit is SV-51 from Macross Zero


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