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The Feared One – MG FAZZ


Hey everyone!

So its been awhile since I did the HLJ MK II! and here is my next creation so to speak. I tried a lot of new things with this build modding especially. I learnt a lot in the process and feel I have improved a little.

I hope you guys like this and as always this was 100% hand painted.



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  1. Still awesome Kamm.!!!!! 🙂

  2. Cool, good stuff. Lots of dry-brushing I guess, for those edges? It seems like it’s a look we don’t see so much on mecha models these days… Nice embellishments to the base kit, too.

  3. How shall I put this?


  4. @_@ The awesomeness…. You hand painted this? You got any tips? I’m painting my HG Sinanju and any tips would help. I like the colors you chose and the purple it balances all out but, its not too much either. Coo beans..

  5. bro still a show stopper kit you got there…and to think its hand painted..man that is wicked..just wickedly awesome…

  6. @ Matt – Thanks a lot Matt, much appreciated bro ^^

    @ George – Thanks George, yeh the drybrushing took a long time but worth it in the end I think 🙂

    @ Sir – Thanks a lot bro!

    @ WinG-EX – Thanks for the kind words mate. My best tips for hand painting would be the following:

    1. Always clean and maintain your brushes
    2. Ensure the paint your using is thin enough for multiple coats (Trial and error somtimes ^^ a Milk consistancy seems to work best)
    3. Use diffrent brush strokes on each coat such as diagnol, horizontal etc.

    Hope that helps!

    @ Emonem – Thanks a lot for the kind words bro Emonem! Hope your well

  7. Simply beautiful!

  8. wow………just wow


    (walks off to get jaw re-attachment surgery)

  9. MMMM! That’s why you don’t like fishing……keep up the good job kamm!!!!


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