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The Biggest Disney Store In Japan

Disney fans, you’re gonna want to brace for this one! The biggest Disney Store to grace Japan is on the horizon! Starting December 5th, 2021, one will be able to find the brand new Flagship Store for Japan in the maze that is Shinjuku!

And the size of this place is going to be no joke, especially for somewhere like Japan where space is extremely limited for both homes and retail stores alike. The total area of the place will be 1,710m²! And not only will the new Flagship Store boast size, it’ll also have unique merchandise, as well as one-of-a-kind made-to-order items for the real Disney fans out there.

Also, just take a look at that uniform! Now that’s some drip!

What kind of stuff are you looking forward to seeing in the new Disney Flagship Store? If you’re in Shinjuku next month, why not check it out?

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  1. Disney sucks! I mean, REALLY, sucks! Some awesome Productions & Collectibles, mostly from the vry far past, but recently become too socio-political. seemingly unfocused creative-wise & corruptive influence. How the mistreat their American employees is atrocious! Tht said, Why is the MALE (I’m assuming such on the right) uniform sportin’ a SKIRT-?!? As artistic & creative as Japan can be, I am so sure they can come up with some REALLY AWESOME uniforms! …Unless Disney plays Interference & cramps their styles…

  2. I hope my saying, “sucks”, doesn’t violate any standards… Sry. I hav a migraine..


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