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Japan’s ‘Twisted’ Obsession

Over the past few years, there’s definitely been an obsession with the villains of the Disney films – manifested in part due to the fun Meet & Greets at every Disney Theme Park, “Descendants,” “Maleficent”… Hey, maybe you’ve even heard about the “Villains Rise Again!” events during Halloween at the Tokyo Disneyland park! Well, the villains of Disney have struck again. This time, it’s in form of a mobile game featuring some dashing boys!

Some of you may be like, “SO WHAT! This Disney villain craze comes and goes! Same ol’ same ol’!”. Well, it may surprise you to know just how insane the popularity of this series has become over in lil’ ol’ Japan! This franchise has become infamous for taking down any site that exclusive merch appears in. From Animate, to Bandai Namco, to Sega, and more! Each of these sites have felt the wave of fans rushing in and overloading their sites to the point of breaking them. Capitalism – YAY! (I bought some, too…)

“Black Butler” creator Yana Toboso designed the characters, scenario, and concept, with a focus on depictions of villains from various Disney franchises. Now, the main characters aren’t technically the Disney villains. Rather, they each represent either a character or component of a character. Some non-villain motifs have even been mixed in!

The main character, whose name is chosen by you, the player, is summoned to another world by a magic mirror. They drop in through a coffin at the magic training school, Night Ravens College. They’re then taken in by the school’s headmaster and becomes acquainted with some of the students, each in seven different dormitories, while searching for a way home. Each of these dorms ‘worship’ a different Disney villain in a ‘twisted’ way – The Legendary Seven.

As an example, Savanaclaw takes after the legend of Scar from “The Lion King”. They emphasizehow he was a great legend who ended discrimination against hyenas and earned his role as King, fighting against the biased royal traditions of who should rule based off of blood and age.

It seems like the characters dooooon’t quiiiiiiite understand just what these ‘Legendary Seven’ actually did…

I could go on and on about just how much I love this game, simple gameplay aside. The story is absolutely incredible! Each character being designed after a pre-existing villain, protagonist, item, or animal; each character possessing a Unique Magic; the threat of being corrupted by one of the Legendary Seven and entering a state of OVERBLOT where a character you know and love suddenly becomes a boss of a chapter – IT’S ALL TOO GOOD! I would recommend giving it a search if you’re interested in looking at more of the characters or even giving some of the story a read!

Never forget when Hanae Natsuki, one of the voice actors in the game, received a “Twisted Tart” for his birthday from his wife, causing the hashtag #TwistedTart in Japanese to make it to the top 5 trending tags!

Even if “Twisted Wonderland” doesn’t sound like your sort of thing, I think it’s at least good to know of its existence and how absolutely crazy the series is over here in Japan. It seems like Disney found the perfect formula to cash in on one of their first mobile games of this type. I know I certainly fell for it, too!

Please look at my sons:

Thank you.

If you wanna know anything else about “Twisted Wonderland,” don’t hesitate to hit me up at the HobbyLink Japan Twitter – I’d love to procrastinate on doing work to answer any questions about it – Er, I mean, do my duty as a member of staff to inform customers about the newest and latest franchises and merchandise!


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