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The Big Mac


Submitted By: Matt Mrozek

Well since I got all the McDonalds references I figured why not call it the “Big Mac”Anyway, I know I promised a photo Tutorial on this one but I have been way to busy to do one so here are the pics.  He’s got the number XVI since it’s my 16th completed kit.  At first I wasn’t sure about the colors but I really like the way it turned out.

Colors ar as follows:

Mr. Color Yellow
Mr. Color OrangePre-Shaded with Dark Sea Grey (Orange and Yellow Armor)
Pre-Shaded with Neutral Grey (White Armor)
Mr. Color Super Metallic Super Iron
Alclad Exhaust Manifold
Alclad Chrome
Post Shading on gun with Clear Smoke

Thanks for looking!!!!

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  1. One of the best painters around. Always love the finish on your models Matt, the preshading is always so subtle yet very very powerful.

    Really cant wait to see your work on the Xeku-Zwei!

  2. i love your work 😀
    nice job, Matt 😀

  3. wasnt bandai going to release a yellow GNX at some point as well as a flag cestial being use.

  4. Nice paint job, Matt. Again. So tell me, I noticed you pre-shade almost all of your kits. What is the purpose of shading? Is it to give the kit more depth when taking pictures of it?… or to give it a worn/weathered look?

  5. Thanks guys!!!

    I pre-shade to give the model more dimension. I have a few with out any shading and they look good as well but I prefer to have some depth and sahpe to the kit. It can also help it give a weathered look.

  6. Yeah, I really like the pre-shaded look, only if it’s done subtlely. And yours always has that subtle touch. Hey, do you have a link to your non-shaded models? I’d like to see how those turned out also.

  7. Really looks great . The colors all worked well

  8. Great Work!!! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone!!!


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