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Ma.K S.A.F.S Snowman


Submitted By: Jamie Wofford

So this is a Maschinen Krieger (Ma.k) kit. 1/20 scale S.A.F.S Snowman. I built this as a Christmas kit but didn’t finish it till after Christmas. I used a Tamiya Acrylics and some Liqutex Ink for the colors. The snow is baking soda, water, and glue mixed all together. I lightly sprayed the trees with some white paint to give them a frosted look.

After it was completed I then realised I should have made the base a little neater by containing the snow off the sides of the base. It kind of looks like the snow is either melting or just has built up on the sides. I also think I should spray some more white on the trees for more of a frosted look.

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1 Comment

  1. Really like this Jamie. Was a nice diffrent version of a Ma.K kit!….

    The things you tried on this kit were very unique too! Keep it up man.

    Always inspiring 😀


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