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Soul of Chogokin Spec Layzner V-MAX Ver. by Bandai (Part 2: Review)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Soul of Chogokin Spec Layzner V-MAX Ver. by Bandai (available as a Tamashii Webshop Exclusive)


Following the unboxing, here is the review for the recently released Soul of Chogokin Spec Layzner V-MAX Ver. from the classic anime series Blue Comet SPT Layzner. This is a Bandai webshop exclusive in Japan.

For those who purchased the original toy back in 2007, this figure is nigh on identical to that. Instead of offering differing armor parts to create the regular and enhanced versions of the Layzner, this just includes some glitter-infused parts to mimic the effect of the V-MAX system from the anime.

The toy itself, like others in the range, uses a sturdy diecast endoskeleton. This allows it to be quite a durable toy through its various armor changes and posing.

Now I loved the original toy and have it still but I can’t pass up on any Layzner goodness, especially as it is the 30th anniversary of the series this year.














Like the original toy, it comes with all the various weapons, including the shoulder-mounted grenade launcher. It also has a simpler, though equally serviceable, stand, minus the lighting and sound effects.

The big change is the new armor parts. The finish on these is nice and more than a little bit retro, as the panel lines hark back to some of the earlier model kits from the 80s.

The important thing to note is that both armor parts sets are for the regular version of the Layzner and don’t support the enhanced variant.

The articulation and sculpt are similarly great to the original — with all the hatches being able to open to show the post V-MAX sequence.

For the Layzner collector this is a lovely addition and I am hoping that Bandai will follow up with more figures, especially the Zakarl.

In the meantime, I can now sit back and enjoy the fact that I have all the Bandai Layzner figures, and that fills my nerdy heart with joy.

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