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Fujimi at the All-Japan Model & Hobby Show 2011

Fujimi are releasing some amazing new automotive model kits for all you car nuts including some F1 related items, exotic cars and some domestic Japanese models. Also in their line up they have an aircraft carrier, some tanks, and a whole lot more!

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  1. the second gent says theres a Kaga in 1/350, OH NO there isnt….. we are all still waiting FUJIMI pleasedoone very very soooooon!!

  2. I didn’t realize there were such high quality model kits available. I used to build models all the time when I was a kid. I might have to start back up again.

    By the way, I was turned onto this video because of the DeTomaso Pantera. I hope Fujimi builds the Pantera, and especially if they do a GT5S version. I have a 72 Pre-L, which I love, but I think the GT5S is the best looking Pantera of all time.


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