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Robot Damashii Rick Dias Red Color by Bandai (Part 2: Review)

Robot Damashii Rick Dias Red Color – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


Following the unboxing here is the review for Bandai’s recent release of their Robot Damashii Rick Dias. If you’re a fan of Zeta Gundam and/or Mamoru Nagano’s mecha design then this will hit all the right buttons.

As Zeta Gundam was a very big series in its day, it follows we’ve had a lot of toys and kits of its mecha designs over the years. The Rick Dias is also one of the main mobile suits used in the anime.

In that sense, seeing the Rick Dias may not be a new sight but it is still a much appreciated one.

This is because the Robot Damashii line is pretty much the go-to line for mecha toys these days: with solid joints and articulation, epic detailing and some of the best sculpting out there. Bandai hasn’t let the fans down on the various toys currently available in the line.

The Rick Dias is especially great as it captures Nagano’s original refined aesthetic while keeping the figure very playable.










As this is a non-transformable mobile suit, the number of gimmicks here are pretty limited. However, it has swap parts for the head vulcans and recreates the backpack for the mobile suit’s weapons. The Random Binders at the rear can also be attached to the shoulders and forearms if you wish. The sticky sealant launcher gets a special hand part.

The big reason to get this toy though is that it looks great and has very solid articulation like you’d expect from a Robot Damashii toy.

While the styling of the Zeta Gundam figures in this line look more angular than they tend to in the anime, in the case of the Rick Dias that has been obviously toned down. The result is something that looks very faithful and still fun to play with.

If you are a Nagano fan though then the Rick Dias is an essential purchase, as you don’t get his designs given this kind of mainstream treatment from Bandai very often.

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