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Raphael Gundam- [codename:GABRIEL]


Submitted By: Juno Uno

From the Gundam 00 movie Awakening of the Trailblazer, I present to you the Raphael Gundam.
Out of the 4 Gundams from the 00 movie, I had the most difficult time working on this big guy. The overall design is unusual which made it hard for me to decide on a perfect color scheme. Initially I attempted to replicate the color scheme of Hilling Care’s Garazzo but I just could not find the right shade of colors, especially since I only used spray cans. Since the first attempt wasn’t too appealing, I stripped the paint and decided on a color scheme inspired by the GNHW3G Seravee Gundam from the 00V side stories. It’s not exactly alike but definitely turned out way better than the first color scheme it had. For the final color scheme I used Krylon gray primer for the base, Krylon Burgundy, Model Master Panzer Gray, Krylon Dove white and Tamiya metallic black. I named this version Gabriel to coincide with the biblical meaning of their respective names.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied of how this kit turned out, especially with its color scheme. As for the kit itself, without the backpack, the Raphael has a wide range of possibility that you would expect from a HG00 kit. The design has a very unusual look to it compared to other Gundam designs; it almost has an alien look to it but is aesthetically pleasing. Of course, once the backpack is attached, the possibility becomes a bit limited. But honestly, this kit looks great even if its just standing or hovering on an action base, looking ever so menacingly. Unfortunately, the backpack itself cannot transform to its mobile suit mode, which is one of the downside, but I do hope BANDAI considers releasing it as a separate kit. And despite the size of its backpack, this kit is able to stand perfectly fine on its own, but like the rest of the 00-movie kits, an action base would definitely be a better way to display such a mobile suit. Though another downside to this kit, or rather the flaw of its design, is the puny beam rifle that it is equipped with. It looks too thin/slim compared to the rest of the mobile suit. I think they could have easily given this guy a larger and more intimidating beam rifle.

Despite its very little flaws, I definitely recommend this kit especially for all you Double-O fans. This is a kit you surely don’t want to miss, but don’t forget to pick up an action base as well! 😉


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  1. This looks great! Really like the colour theme you got.

    I wonder if Bandai would release the tranformable pack how they did with the previous Gundam. That would be one kit that people would go for to complete the set I think X3

  2. heeey..my name!


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