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1/144 Wild Wurger & Wild Falken TBS Set


Submitted By: Raymond Chen

Seeing the latest User Content of the 1/144 Arblade Custom reminds me of this model set that I acquired and built a while ago, and thought of sharing them with everyone here.

In the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 2, the Wild Wurger and Wild Falken are partner units designed after the war against the alien Aerogators, which eventually become the personal machine or Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweizer, 2 of the few children originated from an enhanced soldier experimental facility known as the “School” that survived and the secondary protagonists of the game.
Arado Balanga Pilots the Wild Wurger, a close-quarter combat unit armed with a 3 Barrels Gatling Cannon, Rifle, solid blade and a giant pincer called the Stag Beetle Crusher. The Wild Wurger is usually covered with a protective dark blue “Jacket Armor”, which is then “purged” to unveil its “High Mobility Mode” as seen here. This significantly increases the unit speed in order to perform combination attack along with the Wild Falken. As a model kit, this version of the Wild Wurger is significantly more poseable than the normal version, especially at the elbows. The white and Grey patches design of this unit also perfectly showing off Kotobukiya’s skills at separating colour via parts, with very little of this model that is not molded in colour.

Seolla Schweizer’s Wild Falken, in contrast, is a long range unit designed to support the Wild Wurger in a distance. Other than a simple beam saber and Split missiles, the Wild Falken’s main armament is the “Ochstan Rifle” which can fire both beam energy and solid ballistic rounds in quick succession. For speed the Wild Falken is powered with a Tesla Engine, which causes the wings of the unit to glow, leaving a trail of green light while performing high speed manoeuvre. The model itself once again replicate the design of the unit in game very well, even down to the rifle’s size, although the weight and the width of the rifle does restrict the poses the model can take on ground.

These 2 units are available as separate kits, but here they are packaged together under the name “Twin Bird Strike”, the name of their combination attack. With the Wild Wurger in High Mobility Mode and Wild Falken running its Tesla Engine to its maximum output, the 2 units would then perform an endless barrage of attack upon their target in blurring speed before finishing the attack with a simultaneous charge, cutting the target into pieces with their cutting edged wings. To replicate this, the boxset includes a pair of stands to pose them in aerial poses, and a separate set of wings in the “TBS” mode are included for the Wild Falken (not shown here).

In summary, of these 2 kits, I would recommend the Wild Wurger over the Wild Falken due to its better poseability and variety of weapons. Overall the build is not difficult, although a bit of experience in model building would definitely help, and knowing where to use modelling glue strategically would also make them more durable.

Also, Seolla Schweizer figure is not included. She is mine. MINE I TELL YOU!*Joke*

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  1. Great job overall! Initially i had plan to get this kit until i decided to get 1/100 Wildwurger instead. if i recall this kit include the G-impact Stake and Tesla Drive version of Falken wings. I wonder where the Seolla figurine is from?

  2. this looks epic me want one now


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