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Persona 4: Dancing All Night Rise Kujikawa: Arabian Armor by Aquamarine (Review)

Available From HobbyLink Japan


“Persona 4: Dancing All Night” Kujikawa Rise Arabian Armor ver. figure by Aquamarine surely makes an impressive piece to look at even when still inside of its box.

This figure comes in a fully transparent box decorated with gold details and some promotional pictures of the product on the back side of the box.

Actually, one might develop the questionable desire to keep this lovely figure in its beautiful box, which makes a great display piece as it is, if it wasn’t for the totally gorgeous item it contains, which surely deserves to be displayed in all her glory.


Rise doesn’t need assembly, if not for the base, which is provided with a little peg that goes into one of the Persona 4’s character feet. A little clear plastic piece is placed around the peg, meant to keep the figure in place due to the position of Rise’s foot.


The base surely is original and well done, not to mention quite colorful and overall very pleasing to look at. Its texture resembles some sort of dancing flooring, made of violet/pinkish, lilac and white tiles. One side of the circular base has the figure’s name and source printed on it, completing its pleasing look.


As mentioned earlier, no assembly is needed with this figure. Thus, once Rise is out of her interesting box and placed on her base, we have the figure ready for display.

Kujikawa Rise Arabian Armor ver. definitely is a little piece or art, both speaking of quality and for her gorgeous and eye-catching looks. The sexy girl wears a belly dance outfit, which is colorful and almost mesmerizing, able to catch one’s attention quite easily thanks to its generous amount of details.

aquamarine_risearabian-21 aquamarine_risearabian-16 aquamarine_risearabian-17

The predominant color of Rise’s outfit is a light blue/purplish hue, which beautifully melts with a soft and quite relaxing lilac/violet color at just the right places. Everything is enhanced by golden parts, further decorated with greenish details, given by the stones set on Rise’s jewels.


With an outfit this prominent, a great sculpt and paintwork are definitely a must. Pleasantly, Aquamarine was able to exceed the expectations an outfit like this demands with both sculpt and paintwork. The former is flawless and very carefully executed, and the paintwork is a fine work of art.



Rise looks almost perfect, if it wasn’t for the huge seamline on the back of her pants; but that’s a matter of personal taste I think. So, while it could bother me a little, it might only be slightly noticeable (or not at all even) for other collectors.


This Arabian dancer version of Rise is really able to make one dream of exotic places not only for the outfit, but also thanks to her pose. Rise is obviously dancing, thus held in a rather dynamic and sexy pose, enhanced by her expression and the position of her arms.


Rise’s face is daring, like if she’s gently yet firmly asking a supposed partner to join her in an intriguing dance which might as well last all night long, with her arms and hands showing a little bit of embarrassment. Plastered on Rise’s beautiful face there is a cute smile, and one of her hands playfully placed over her mouth reminds me of an alluring gesture definitely meant to draw attention.


Thanks to the beautiful face and pose, we are able to appreciate this figure not only for Rise’s well-proportioned body, but also for the meaning behind her dance and for her charisma.

aquamarine_risearabian-40 aquamarine_risearabian-36

Nothing excluded, from the quality of sculpt and paintwork to the dangerously beautiful outfit of this figure, I am completely in love with this production by Aquamarine, which was able to fully capture the essence of a beautiful character inspiring exotic places.

aquamarine_risearabian-14 aquamarine_risearabian-41

Rise is sexy and cute, beautiful to look at and completely stunning to have on display.

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