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Kakegurui: Jabami Yumeko by Kotobukiya (Review)

Jabami Yumeko from “Kakegurui” figure by Kotobukiya surely was one of my most anticipated items of 2018. I adored this figure since when it was announced one year ago, and I certainly couldn’t miss it in my collection.

Yumeko comes in a lovely box that matches her outfit: black and red, her trademark colors. The figure just has to be placed on her base — which is a round, transparent disc with a game card design — to be ready for display. Kotobukiya also offered a limited version of this figure with an alternate face; here I’m reviewing the standard version of Yumeko.

With the premise that Yumeko is one of my top favorite anime characters, I want to make clear that I don’t adore this figure just because of my attachment to the character. This figure is very well done, both considering sculpt and painting. School uniforms are rather common in the anime world — thus in the figure world as well, often ending up making such figures portrayed in their school uniform looking all the same, and boring.

Well, Yumeko obviously is wearing her school uniform, to which her character design is limited, but this figure is able to give some kind of personality to such a common outfit. I think that’s thanks to the dynamic pose this figure has, which once again confirms the good quality of the sculpt.

As for the painting, I can deem that one good as well. There are some smears on my copy of the figure, but I noticed them only when processing photos for this review, meaning that any of this “defects” can be easily overlooked.

If I had to choose my favorite part of this figure it would be Yumeko’s face, for how it has been executed. This part is so realistic and very expressive, and I like how the true character of this young and quite particular girl is highlighted by the excellent sculpt of her face.

Another notable part of this figure definitely is her base. It’s circular, simple, and made of clear plastic — quite thin also — but is able to add that extra detailed look the figure might otherwise make the item feel lacking.

I think that this figure is executed very well and, although the character could appeal some and not everyone, Yumeko’s looks are good enough in this figure to catch anyone’s attention. I would surely get this figure just for how it looks even if I wasn’t familiar with is source. Basically, this is a product I definitely recommend.

Yumeko is no longer available, but you can see her product page at hlj.com here.

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