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The Holy Grail: Doyusha’s Parts Separator

Hello, everyone! Today I have something pretty simple to show, but something very, very helpful! Today I’d like to show you the Sugot! Parts Separator Tool by Doyusha.

As the name suggests, this tool is designed to help separate model kit parts, be it Gunpla, military, or anything, really.


So, let’s get going with a quick box overview.

On the front, we have a basic overview of what you can do with this tool.

And on the back is text about the general use of the product (Japanese).


So now, here is the parts separator!

So right off the bat, the tool comes with a plastic cover over the wedge. It just easily pops off.

So there are two halves to this tool, and we’ll be starting with the wedge.

To help us, here is the HGUC Nemo!


So to use the wedge, it’s pretty easy, just well, wedge the wedge into the seam line. Then, start wigging or pushing it until it starts to separate.

Make sure to make your way around the part until it splits into its components.


On the other side, we have this, for lack of a better word, pick.

Basically, the pick is to help separate parts that are being difficult, like parts where the seam line isn’t easy to wedge.

Additionally, the pick can be used to hold poly caps still while you build the part around it. Honestly, this is super helpful. Do you know how many times I’ve nearly lost poly caps because they just pop out while I’m trying to build the parts around it! Well, no more!!!


So all and all, this has to be the single most helpful tool I’ve seen in a long time. The wedge is dull enough that it won’t cut or damage the plastic, but not flimsy enough to where it won’t actually separate the part. Also, the other side is super helpful! Like I said, having something to hold the poly cap in place can be really helpful.

So before the parts separator, I would wedge a pocket knife and use a broken pair of nippers to separate the parts. It would damage the piece, and I never liked doing that. Which meant, if I forgot a piece to put inside say the arm or the shoulder, then ugh, here we go.

Then boom! The part separator happened! And I’m so glad; this tool may be my favorite thing ever right now! I highly recommend it!

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