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My First Model : MG Strike Freedom


Submitted By: Alvin

Hi guys! I’m new to the Gundam Modelling though I watched a lot of the anime (Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00 S1 & S2)HTMLVisual

I was exposed to Gundam through the anime way back 1998(?) when Gundam Wing was shown in my country. Back then, I didn’t knew that there were Gundam models until one of my uncles gave me one as a Christmas gift. The model was a Wing Gundam, I’m not sure of the grade though since its been years. So now, I’m planning to take this hobby seriously.

Anyways, this is my First Model the “Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode” which I bought only this 15th of Jan 2011. This one is just straight out of the box build meaning “no panel line, no paint, just few decals and foil stickers”.

I realized a lot when I was watching the Gunpla TV episodes where I should have done things like panel lining the model, doing some minor paint job and more things.

What tools should I have for starters, except for side cutters(the only tool I have)?

To staff of Gunpla TV, Great job so far hoping for more episodes!!!

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  1. Xacto knife helps a lot, and a set of gundam markers and a liner, if you wanna just straight build.

  2. Strike Freedom as your model and the full burst no less. Interesting choice. Well, for types on just straight building. I agree with Graham especially on the Xacto life part it really comes in handy. I just finished the HG Extreme Gundam today and the Xacto knife did come in handy. Its really good when it comes to taking of the excess plastic that left when you cut a part from a tree. Just be careful or you take of a piece of the part though.

    Also some sand paper helps too. Since you not painting a going for straight build I would use the smoother kind. That way you don’t risk discoloration on the part.


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