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MP-48 Transformers Masterpiece Lio Convoy – Unboxing

Today I’ll be taking a look at MP-48 Transformers Masterpiece Lio Convoy from the anime Beast Wars II. 

This is my first post for HobbyLink Japan. So let’s get started.

Lio Convoy serves as the heroic Maximal leader, fighting against Galvatron and his evil Predacons. And here we have, as part of the 35th anniversary of the Transformer franchise, the fearless Maximal leader, represented in Masterpiece glory. 


There are a lot of different posing options available.

Here’s a quick bio.

Now let’s open the box itself.


Here we have Lio Convoy and all his accessories.

We also get his instructions and a stats card.


Here is his Cybertron buster,

Beams and missiles,

and a parts holder.

As well as Lio Convoy, in beast mode!

Thanks for dropping by. I hope this unboxing has you excited for this figure. Drop by again as we showcase both beast and bot!

  • Zeroconvoy 

Get yours here:
MP-48 Transformers Masterpiece Leo Prime (Lio Convoy) (Beast Wars)

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  1. I know the cutesy Kimba Face is anime accurate, but I wish it was possible to have the more robotic looking pauldron face in lion mode.


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