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Gunpla TV – 1/60 Mazinger Z Infinity Ver.

Standing 423mm tall, the new 1/60 Mazinger Z Infinity Ver. may be the ultimate Mazinger kit to date from Bandai! Much like the Mega Size Gundam kits, however, this big boy features some impressive details on the outside, but other facets such as inner frames and articulation aren’t as elaborate.

But — with a number of trick features, such as an LED unit for the head and Iron Cutters for the arms, this is one truly awe-inspiring kit that would be sure to liven up any room!

In this episode:
1/60 Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z Infinity Ver.)

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  1. must of taken hours to built

  2. stickers where

  3. It will not fit into my Ikea shelf. Too bad.

  4. I kinda want it just for the chunk to it. Such chunk.

    • Absolute Unit.

  5. Such an amazingly massive kit! As much as I’d love to get this really fun-looking guy, my shelf just doesn’t have the space, sigh…. Need a bigger house! 😛


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