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MG Deathscythe ver EW


Submitted By: Appasionata

WIth the interest of keeping content on Hobbylink.tv going, I’m going to submit my most recent completed kit!

Been working on this since middle of January but bad weather has caused a lot of delay, thus resulting in the completion of the MG Deathscythe in the middle of March. This is my 2nd fully airbrushed kit, following my HGUC ReZEL that was also painted on this site!

Moving on to the colors of this kit, its pretty obvious that I decided to stick largely with the original color scheme, with the difference of white to grey and having its head black instead of white. Also, decided to paint the cameras and eyes blue instead. I really like how this has turned out! Decal placement was fully based on the guide provided in the manual except for the large decals on the shoulders and either side of the legs!

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  1. Great work on this appa. Love the colours and the finish. I didnt know this was your second airbrushed kit bro!

    Love it

  2. Head really looks better in black. (y)


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