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    The Williams FW14B is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful Formula One cars of all time. A classic livery, driver lineup, and incredible results on its 1992 debut season make it one to remember. […]

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    Group B was undoubtedly the most wild era of loose surface motorsport the world has ever seen. Cars with performance capabilities that outperformed Formula One was a recipe for success. Group B at its height was […]

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    Depending on what genre of model you make, decals are either a big important part or a non-existent step in the assembly process. As an automotive (motorsport especially) freak I have learned to love the decal […]

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    Have you ever browsed Facebook and spotted those amazingly-built scale kitsets, with perfectly lit, staged, and composed photos? Do you want to snap some nice photos without breaking the bank? Do the geeky […]

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    Available at HobbyLink Japan: 1/24 Xanavi Nismo GT-R ’03 JGTC

    The GT-R has always been the golden child of the Nissan stable, and ‘godzilla’ has always been one of the most memorable JGTC race machines to […]

    • Good review!
      love old JGTC wide car. 🙂
      Feeling the merge with DTM kinda destroy the spirite of Japan’s top racing series.

      New NSX front engine setup? come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Team TAISAN is a legend that many Japanese race fans are familiar with, especially due to their dominance throughout the early years of SuperGT. When the series was known as the Japanese Grand Touring Car […]

  • 1/24 Audi Sport Quattro S1 [E2] – Available at HobbyLink Japan

    There is no doubt that the ’80s were the wildest years of WRC, and that the Group B machines were the Sex Pistols of rallying. For some it is an […]

  • In 1984, the world of rallying was on a steep increase in both popularity and performance. The German manufacturer Opel had just debuted a new rally platform – the Manta 400. Powered by a 2.4l engine making […]

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    The Porsche 911 is an iconic car that has stood the test of time, and been a formidable opponent on the race track. It is one model that has more evolutions than most can count, but for many the 935 K3 is one of […]

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    Available at HobbyLink Japan: 1/24 Leon Cvstos AMG by Tamiya

    SuperGT is well known for producing some of motorsport’s best looking cars and liveries. The GT300 class is a hotbed of both GT3 as well as […]

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    As 1986 dawned, rallying had finally eclipsed Formula One in both viewing numbers, and also sheer excitement. Group B was the product of designers with an unlimited budget, and very few rules to abide by. It […]

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    Available at HobbyLink JapanWhen Subaru decided to embark upon a campaign in the World Rally Championship, nobody was truly ready for the change that was about to come upon the sport. The iconic blue, gold, and […]

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    Available at HobbyLink Japan: 1/20 Team Lotus Type 49B 1968

    The Lotus 49b is a memorable car for a number of reasons. Firstly, the classic red, cream, and gold livery is one of the most elegant that motorsport […]

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    1/20 Ferrari F189 Portuguese G.P. – Available at HobbyLink Japan

    Formula One is known for its grace, beauty, wealth, and supremacy among other motorsports. One marque of car that has aligned itself […]

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    It isn’t too often that one maker becomes synonymous within motorsport the whole world over. When you think of rallying, usually the first manufacturer to come to mind is Subaru, and the driver is usually […]

  • Thanks Bingo Bot! 🙂

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    Order it here at HobbyLink Japan

    In 2011 Mercedes released the SLS AMG GT3 upon the motorsport world, and it instantly caused a stir. The gullwing doors and 6.3l V8 naturally aspirated engine mean the SLS is […]

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    Model: 1/20 Ferrari 126C2 1982 by Fujimi

    It is hard to not appreciate the aesthetics of a bright scarlet red Ferrari F1 machine. The 126 C2 was born into an era that now is held in high regards – the turbo e […]

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    Available at HobbyLink Japan

    In the world of rallying, there aren’t too many combinations that go together as well as Tommi Mäkinen and Mitsubishi. The iconic Japanese marque headed into the 1999 season with […]

  • Available at HobbyLink Japan

    Toyota is no stranger to the world of rallying, and after a successful bout of championships with the Celica, 1997 saw the dawn of purpose-built ‘WRC’ machines.  Toyota unveiled the […]

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