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Gunpla TV – Episode 80 – MG Infinite Justice Review – ReZEL Defenser – Ryan paints a Falcon

In our 80th episode (!!) Ryan brings his Fine Molds Millennium Falcon one step closer to completion while Syd sits down with the MG Infinite Justice Gundam to find out what all the viewer hype was about. [Spoiler Alert: Everything they said was true! It’s awesome!]

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HG Ghirarga
1/144 HGUC RGZ-95 ReZEL Type-C Defenser B Unit GR
1/100 MG Infinite Justice Gundam
1/72 Millennium Falcon

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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. think u should do the MG EX-S Gundam on next video

  2. hey syd,

    Great video guyz!!!,syd have u ever build an heavily customize your gundam kit before if yes can you give me some basic advice and tips thanks!!!,and is there any competition come in up??

  3. and hey ryan i got a question too for you too, if you got a chance to pain other colour on the Millennium Falcon what colour would you pain it?

  4. Ryan, cool your jets son!!! Before you weather the Falcon you have to gloss coat the whole ship wait a day then apply the decals then weather it. After your happy with the weathering apply a dull coat to the Falcon so that the decals blend in and look like paint instead of decals. Believe me you will love the results. Also for a rookie your not doing bad at all, just have a little patients. Also when you weather on top of a dull coat it is very hard to correct mistakes, but when you weather on a gloss coat it is easy to clean up the mistakes and start over.

    Love the Show

  5. show all the gundam collection you have. 😉

  6. Hey guys great show but if you guys want to see some top secret footage of bandai’s top-secret gundam factory all you have to do is purchase the North American release of gundam wing from Bandai entertainment and one of the special features option is a short video with tons of footage of the gundam factory you can see how Denain is made from A-to-Z the only thing is it’s a little out dated.

  7. Your Astray “Crimson” Frame looks sweet Syd. Any news on the release date of RG Justice?

  8. Hey guys,

    I’ve got one question which is:

    In your opinions, is the gundam marker for panel lining the best kind of pen u can use for… well.. Panel lining???

    Great show again 🙂

  9. Hi Guys,

    About a month I asked about the following white base model:

    Which you (Syd 🙂 ) said you will talk about.
    I wanted to know how much painting and gluing did it actually require (As I’m more secure with my snapfit molded in color stuf 🙂 )



  10. Hi Syd,
    It’s me again! For a recent birthday, I got the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam MG, and I’m a bit intimidated. I’ve only been building for 8 months and I’m a bit intimidated (even though I’ve built the MG EX-S Gundam) Do you have anything I should know about before building? (weak ankles, fragile pieces, etc.) Also, I live in North America, so Gundam isnt that popular, so I’ve been trying to get people into Gundam. Do you know any cheap, starting kits other than an HG?

    • Hi Kyle,

      I can understand feeling intimidated with a kit of that size but I don’t think there is anything you need to worry about. One thing I would recommend is to look at the instruction manual carefully when removing parts from the sprues. In several places in the manual it warns the builder to be careful when removing parts. I think the skirt frame assembly is something you need to pay close attention to. If you are looking for cheaper starting kits other than HGs, you might want to look into the 1/100 scale no grade kits. They are good for starters but lack the amount of detail and great engineering that the MG line has.

  11. Hi Syd and Ryan , just wanna ask , what do you all think about the Turn-A gundam ? It has a very uncommon gundam design . =)

  12. Hi Syd and Ryan

    I have been working on a few hg kits to get ready to build a master grade gouf custom and plan to paint my hg epyon 1/100. I am worried that after putting on primer and all the paint that the panel lines might be covered up could this be an issue. Also i have noticed that some of the seams are uneven should I sand them or is that a bad idea

    thanks guys and great show

  13. Hey Syd & Ryan! Great job on Gunpla TV, I really enjoy watching.

    I’ve noticed that Bandai has released several Seed Master Grade kits in celebration of the series 10th anniversary. I’m wondering if, a couple years down the road, G Gundam might enjoy the same treatment for its 20th anniversary? Though the show wasn’t as popular as Wing or Seed (especially in Japan) I think its legendary designs would mate perfectly with current MG technology. Your thoughts?

    Thanks, again, great job on the show!

  14. Hi Syd,

    Aren’t the inner frames made of ABS plastics? Instructions usually say that painting on it will make the parts brittle. How do you solve this? Is it by using primer?

  15. I just wanted to comment on the new layout of the site and give all who worked on it a shout out. And to Syd, are you going to build the humrabbi when it comes out?


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