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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 94 – MG Aegis Review – Main Battle Tank Camo – More Aventador!

In this episode of Gunpla TV Ryan has no choice but to paint his tank while Syd talks about his preparation for painting his Aventador, but not before showing off the completed MG Aegis.

Vote for your favorite Gundam Aventador HERE

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Aegis Gundam
1/24 Lamborghini Aventador
1/35 EFGF M61A5 Main Battle Tank “Semovente” Phantom Element
1/35 Gunhed by Kotobukiya

Syd’s preferred Gundam Panel line Marker.
Gundam Marker #21 (Sumiire Gray)

Very thin saws great for cutting plastic.
Modeling Saw Scriber Set


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    Love the show, with the release of the MG Aegis, we have now seen all the GAT series gundams in MG form, however there is a clear difference between the original Strike and the seed MGs released this year. Do you guys think we will ever see a Strike MG 2.0?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. hey guys, i realise that a lot of the later mg kits like the aegis and the buster are becoming more like toys/ action figures which is pretty cool 🙂

  3. Hey Syd & Ryan great show.
    Ryan the tank is looking awesome, can’t wait until it’s completely finished, and to answer your question about the Macross motorbike, there was one and it’s called a Cyclone. It was a motorbike that the person would ride and when they pushed the transformation button, it would transform the bike into a personal suit of mecha-type armor. It’s from Macross/Robotech’s Third Generation and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, but unfortunately they’ve never made a plastic injection kit for it. Here is a link to an image if you would like to see it. http://www.chinashopmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Dana-Sterling.jpg (sorry if it’s too small, it was the best I could find).

  4. Hey Syd,
    As always, loved the show. For Christmas, since I have none, I wanted a quality bad guy/Zeon kit. I really want the Sinanju, (I’m going to do a dark red and black color panel) but I was wondering if there’s some other really good Zeon kits. I really like the Sinanju and Kshatriya from Gundam UC, but I also like the classic Z’Gok and other unique designs. Can you think of any?

  5. Hey syd and Ryan, I was wondering if you have ever built a super sentai candy toy?

  6. Nuts HG sinanju backordered now even longer wait.

  7. hey. try using latex gloves instead of a plastic bag! 🙂


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