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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 88 – Masking Tutorial – 1/35 Main Battle Tank – Should Syd build a car?

In this episode of Gunpla TV Ryan talks about where he’s at with his Gundam Tank and Syd takes some time to talk about masking.

Question of the week:

Who has the best mullet ever?
And should Syd build the Lamborghini Aventador?

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HG Clanche
BB Gundam Legilis
1/24 Lamborghini Aventador
1/35 EFGF M61A5 Main Battle Tank “Semovente” Phantom Element


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. Hello Ryan and Syd, awesome show. Syd, i think you should build a car, but instead of the Lamborghini Aventador you should do the Lamborghini Reventon.

  2. Great episode thanks for the masking tips

  3. Hi Ryan and Syd, just want to ask on how can I fix foil stickers that are peeling off? Will top coat fix this? thanks and awesome show!


  5. Really great episode guys! While I am waiting for some of the new master grades to come out I decided to order some of the Kotobukiya Zoid models. I watched the episode where you discussed building one but do you have any more tips?

  6. Mullets – Business at the front, party at the back!

    Best mullets ever…Hmm for all the Aussies out there it would have to be Chris Franklin or Johnny Farnham in the 80’s.

  7. I’ve seen plenty of cool mullets. Mel Gibson, John Stamos, Chuck Norris, Hulk Hogan, Christopher Walken, you name it. But thebest is this one.


  8. Thanks for answering my question, but that leads me to another. Why does it keep going back and forth between pre-order and order stop?

  9. Oh and Joe Dirt had the best mullet.

  10. To answer two questions: yes. There are gunpla builders who have mullets AND there are gunpla builders who are rednecks (I’m an example of both, go figure).

    Best mullet ever besides my own? Solid Snake! although Full Frontal from Unicorn deserves an honorable mention. (Here’s an early photo of the mullet for reference, with double flannel goodness: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/59237_1400279846637_492372_n.jpg) Though it has grown considerably in length since then.

  11. hey syd and ryan . love your show . when u come to indonesia(especially city named bandung ) Thx for the show. kamsahmnida


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