Aug 31
Ryan Gunpla TV

Figures, from the ridiculous to the sublime! On this episode of “Toy Tengoku,” Ardith and Robin unbox Phat Company’s Figma Sun Red and Alter’s 1/6 Saber Maid Ver. R PVC, and show off some fun new Sanomaru loot, too!

Kits featured in this video:

Alter 1/6 Saber Maid Ver. R PVC
Phat Company Figma Sun Red
Office Trust Sanomaru goodies



  1. Liked the nice sculpt on Saber. The figure is one of the rare few I’ve seen that actually also included a mop (also nicely sculpted, by the way). One of these days I wouldn’t mind seeing how one of these figures is produced, from conceptual drawings right through the manufacturing phase to the finished product. I’m sure there’s a lot of work that goes into all of the stages.

    Looking forward to episode Thirty.

  2. And how about this big box with Metal Gear ???

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