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D-Style Raijin-Oh by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

Raijinoh (D-Style) by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert-raijinoh (1)

Raijin-oh is the main character of the anime Zettai Muteki Raijin-oh (Matchless Raijin-oh) which aired in Japan for a year between 1991 and 1992.  Raijin-Oh is combined of 3 different robots, Ken-Oh (Sword King), Juu-Oh (Beast King) and Hou-Oh (Phoenix King). This kit includes all 3 robots which can actually combine into the main Raijin-Oh.

rrobbert-raijinoh (2)
No. 34 of the series, with a MSRP of 3200 JPY.  20% off at HLJ.com)

rrobbert-raijinoh (3)
The combination of the main trio.

rrobbert-raijinoh (4)

rrobbert-raijinoh (5)
Great cover art, with easy to follow instructions.

rrobbert-raijinoh (6)

rrobbert-raijinoh (7)
If you want to paint it up like a pro, the official color guide:
White 1 (body and wings): 92% white + 5% cobalt blue + 3% neutral gray.
White 2 (face): 85% white + 15% neutral gray.
Gray: 90% black + 10% white.
Yellow: 84% yellow orange + 15% white + 1% ship base.
Blue 1 (Juu-oh): 97% blue + 3% shine red.
Blue 2 (Ken-oh’s shoulders): 50% indy blue + 35% blue + 10% white + 5% midnight blue.
Red: 50% shine red + 40% character flesh (1) + 10% khaki.
Silver: 100% silver.
Gold – Base: 100% white; Coat 1: 100% diamond silver; coat 2: 70% clear yellow + 30% clear orange.
Clear red – Base: 100% diamond silver; Coat: 50% clear red + 50% clear orange.
Clear green – Base: 100% diamond silver; Coat: 100% clear green.

rrobbert-raijinoh (8)
All the plates, looking appropriately colorful.

rrobbert-raijinoh (9)

rrobbert-raijinoh (10)
A and B plates.

rrobbert-raijinoh (11)

rrobbert-raijinoh (12)
The D plate is pre-printed with pearl gold on some of the parts.

rrobbert-raijinoh (13)

rrobbert-raijinoh (14)

rrobbert-raijinoh (15)
More clear parts than you might expect in red and green.

rrobbert-raijinoh (16)

rrobbert-raijinoh (17)
Two identical PC-1s & PC-2s.

rrobbert-raijinoh (19)
Lots of color with the bonus of some pre-printed parts makes this a nice unbox.  Looking forward to seeing the individual robots and of course combining them.

rrobbert-raijinoh (18)

rrobbert-raijinoh (20)
“But will it rival me?”

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  1. A cool looking kit and I am impressed with the color seperation in this kit, at least see very few spots you will need to touch up. D Style seems to keep on improving. It almost feels as if there is a rivalry now between Koto and Bandai with each increasing the quality in their kits, best shown in their SD lines.


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