Dec 5
Ryan Gunpla TV


  1. Another good episode! Love the work and Hemsworthian sounds like an old English saying lol ‘To be godlike’ πŸ˜€
    Good video!!

  2. Blackfaced Hulk? From the look of it, it looks like you’re in for a bit of an uphill battle when you get around to working on the face. At least with how I tend to paint… Usually, I prefer to keep the face a bit brighter to catch the eye, and that looks a tad too dark to me.

  3. Maqywhaq, lots of painting to come! I prefer starting dark and getting lighter.

  4. Very informative and it’s great to see the latest progress you’ve made with the Hulk kit. Looking forward to seeing the additional levels of shading and highlighting.

    That’s quite a large base for the Thor figure, and I noticed it seems to be the most detailed base of the kits in the Avengers series shown so far, with the exception of the pre-painted kits. Will be interesting to see what the pre-painted kit looks like when it’s released.

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