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Boss Builds – Episode 16 – Dragon Avengers Iron Man Painted and Unpainted Kit Preview

In this episode of Boss Builds Brian shows off Dragon Avengers Iron Man Painted and Unpainted Kits.

Kits featured in this video:

1/9 Dragon Action Hero Vignette series items

1/9 Avengers: Iron Man Mk.VII Action Hero Vignette (Pre-Painted Kit) from Dragon

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  1. Interesting seeing the assembled painted and unpainted Iron Man kits side-by-side. I definitely like the effort that Dragon has put into their painted version. It may cost twice as much, but it looks to be well worth the difference. For those of us who aren’t overly skilled in painting, it’s a nice option.

  2. Thanks for another great episodes Brian. Although I’m not an Averagers fan, I am really happy to see these kits, because they show that manufacturers can pretty much do a flawless paint job even for mass-produced, middle-priced products. Now that Dragon has done it, I am looking forward to other manufacturers to up their game : )

  3. If the seam-lines weren’t so glaringly visible in something that’s being sold as pre-painted (and don’t get me wrong..the paint is beautiful…the build -however- is not) I might consider buying it…

    I would much rather buy the unpainted and make it look nicer than spend twice as much on something that can’t be cleaned up.

  4. sir any vids how you paint like that ? 🙂 and the gold paint aswell


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