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1/16 Aoshima RC Tank: US M4A3 76mm Sherman (T23 turret)

1/16 Aoshima RC Tank: US M4A3 Sherman with T23 turret by Mario Covalski

A Chinese company, Heng Long have been producing 1/16 RC tanks for several years now.  Recently HL have issued a M4A3 105mm Sherman which is being sold by Aoshima, and you can find them at HobbyLink Japan

DSC06536 - copia

The models is basic but all the necessary functions are there, forward and reverse, spin, turret moving, BB bullets are shooting through the gun and you also have sound and smoke. Quality is not Tamiya of course but for the price you get what you pay for and have a lot of room ( parts) for playing with, as I did. I used a Tamiya upper hull from the M4, a resin turret that represent the early T23 with the 76mm gun, and a lot of  easy to scratch parts to get a convincing looking model that besides run and make a lot of noise. Soon a full article, in the meantime, enjoy the pictures of the finished model!

DSC06538 - copia Dsc06543 Dsc06551

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To my 56 years old I'm a long time modeler as I have built more than 1000 kits during the last 45 years. Right now Editor of Modeler Site supported by HobbyLink Japan. Modeler Site is a monthly virtual magazine devoted to scale modeling, mainly made of plastic, resin and white metal. The first issue was published in April 2000, since then we have published a new issue each month, plenty of info, photos...and large modeling articles. Right now we have more than 1600 articles with 60000 photos most of them of high res. I hope to contribute with this nice idea, Hobbylink TV with how-tos, galleries and videos. If you have some question, don't hesitate ask me!


  1. I have the henglong pziv its great fun to play with there’s also a big after market parts scene for these rc tanks (I’m turning mine into the girls and panzer pziv :D)

  2. Nice job I’m not a big fan of the RCs but you did a very good job. The only thing that I see could use just touch of work is the brand new looking board that runs across the front. But most people probably would not have noticed. But still very nice,I like that you took a kit that was not that great an used what you had on hand and adapted them to this kit it makes it look that much more realistic!!!! GREAT JOB!!! I’d like to see more of your work. Feel free to send pictures to bigcheese1102@gmail.com. Jason McDonald from Cleveland TN (Chattanooga area)


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