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1/12 Star Wars C-3PO by Bandai

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-1
C-3PO may not be most people’s favorite character from the original Star Wars trilogy but that didn’t stop Bandai from him a fantastic model kit representation with the 1/12 Star Wars C-3PO that arrived at the end of April.

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-2

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-3

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-4

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-5

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-7

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-6

Bandai gave 3PO a plated finish!

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-9

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-10

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-11

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-12

Interestingly, the B-runner looks to be made up of many smaller runners and even has designations such as B4, B5, B6, B7 found on it.
1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-8

There are some non-plated parts as well but most of this kit comes in that shiny gold (and silver). You’re also given a stand.

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-13

And both stickers and water-slides for the details.

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-14

When you’re finished you’ll have an eye-catching, shining gold, multilingual robot likeness to show your friends.
1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-15

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-16

This kit doesn’t move like Gundam model kits can, but then again C-3PO never moved much in the films either. Instead, there are some nice little additions Bandai gives you with this kit. You’re given extra torso and head parts to change 3PO’s look to a more damaged version.

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-17

You’ll need to pull off the main chest piece and then swap the smaller parts to the other one.
1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-19

I recommend pulling off the head and arms to make this swap easier.

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-20

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-21

To change the face you first separate it from the rest of the head, then pop off an eye replacing it with the extension part provided.

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-22

That’s right, this kit comes with three eyes!
1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-23

Poor 3PO.
1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-24

1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-25

Bandai also provides parts to make two different versions of the arms. You can make an all-plated version which features no bend in the elbow, or you can build an arm that can bend using two non-plated gold parts that move as the arms bends and straightens.
1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-26

Bandai even gives you the intercom so C-3PO can communicate with Luke.
1-12 Star Wars C-3PO-27
We are all waiting for the Luke.

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