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Z.O.E. Dolores Limited Model by Kotobukiya (Part 2: review)

Z.O.E. Dolores Limited Model by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)
rrobbert184-dolores-review (1)
Dolores is all put together. Let’s see how this unique looking kit works!

rrobbert184-dolores-review (2)
Nothing more than a good set of plastic nippers is needed to build it.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (3)
And you can see her all done with front, side and back shots. Surprisingly, she can stand without too much effort.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (4)

rrobbert184-dolores-review (5)

rrobbert184-dolores-review (6)
The elbows can bend 90°, and those clear parts really do stand out.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (7)
The legs are much better due to the stretching knees.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (8)
You can see James Links through the clear black cockpit.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (9)
But overall, the head and chest areas are the highlights of the whole kit.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (10)
The head can raise quite a bit, and the “hair” can bend, too. It’s not quite Nobel Gundam crazy, but it’s one of the highlights of the kit.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (11)
Fantastic running poses are very easy to do.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (12)
And the arms can be replaced by blades.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (13)
As if blade legs and arms aren’t enough, there’s also a gun for shooting poses.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (14)
And… more!  Feel free to insert jokes here.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (15)
Flight mode can be displayed by replacing the wings.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (16)
And the ridiculousness of the cover shots can be recreated.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (17)
Speaking of the height, she’s a little bit shorter than Anubis, only because of her relative lack of antennae.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (18)
She’s even a little bit taller than MG Gundam 2.0.

rrobbert184-dolores-review (19)
Some final thoughts. I have to say that I like this kit even better than Anubis. The most important reason is that it can stand on its own, and looks great up on a stand. Also, due to its outstanding mobility, it’s not hard to recreate all kinds of poses from the game without worrying about it falling apart. Kotobukiya is really doing much better on getting their kits to stay together recently. Also, there are quite a number of options for fans of different weapon types. Though some may hesitate due to the color scheme, the overall design has everything that a mecha is supposed to have. Biggest knock against the kit?  The way they decided to print the manual!  That being said, this kit is absolutely a great choice for all ZOE fans!  Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-dolores-review (20)
“How would we dance with our blade amrs?”

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  1. must resist lewd jokes!!

  2. Im not a big fan of these kits anymore since i got the Jehuty from Sentinel. I wished Sentinel would do some of the female orbital frames. ^^


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