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Winners Announced! – Gunpla TV – Playing with Plamo Modeling Competition 2013

Thanks to everyone who entered the Playing With Plamo 2013 Modeling Competition. We had a record number of entries which took us longer to go through than we could have imagined when we started the contest. So a big thank you to the viewers for your patience, an even bigger thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our worthy winners!

And the winners are …


Beginner Category – Fourth Place
Ace, BruceLee(mr. vampire), felipeolguera(Felipe Olguera), blue comet

Beginner Category – Third Place
vynz, Phillip, Philman

Beginner Category – Second Place
amarius, Vinter

Beginner Category – First Place


Intermediate Category – Fourth Place
Prelude_JJ, Duvaio, worapol1988(beaverboy), omaikane

Intermediate Category – Third Place
Dyluck, VAC7, benny(cyberhero)

Intermediate Category – Second Place
TMYKStudio(daven), Saint-ism(YJ)

Intermediate Category – First Place


Advanced Category – Fourth Place
Haxian, kuroneko, MangyForestCat, shiro11

Advanced Category – Third Place
Hero, sportandmiah, Sideout

Advanced Category – Second Place
richigobankai, Night Runner

Advanced Category – First Place


To find out more – HobbyLink Japan, Hobbylink.tv Playing With Plamo Modeling Competition 2013

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  1. Congratulations to all the winner!

  2. Congratulation.

  3. Please, publish the hobbylink.tv nicknames of the participants, so that they are confident, that their submissions have been received and judged.

    • Not sure why that matters now. It’s not like anything will change if they do publish it.

    • I think the crowd in the Hippodrome during the Nika Riots didn't take half the stomping it had coming.I dunno, a couple more calliopes and blowers, and it might have been overkill. Might.

    • The best advice I ever got was to get out and stay out of debt…I just wish I’d gotten it before I got into debt in the first place!

  4. No running on stage to pull an “Kanye”.

  5. Oh wow! I love Sideout’s entry. Those are my absolute favorite kits/displays in gunpla. I love the beach scenes where there is a MS doing whatever and people either going about their day or interacting with it. Displays like this is what I hope to see every time I check gunpla blogs. Everyone did a great job, I couldn’t do it, but Sideout blew me away. Good job man. I would love to see more of your stuff.

  6. Congratulations to he winnders!
    I guess, I better pick up a decent airbrushing skill to win next time! :3
    Or maybe just paint a Warhammer kit 😛

    I had fun with my kit and I definitely gonna improve next time.

    Grats to the winners!

  7. Night Runner’s entry was gorgeous! I’ve never seen Laputa, but I agree that it really shows quite the scene. Great work, congrats!!

  8. Congrats Congrats!!! I hope I can join next time.

  9. Congrats to winners
    Maybe I can win once


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