Oct 28
HLJ : Luke

Welcome to Toy Tengoku, featuring some great new figures, toys, and dolls here at the “toy heaven” of HLJ! Ardith and Robin get a close look at dozens of new items going through our office each day as they write item descriptions for HLJ’s online catalog, and in this introductory episode, they’ll take us into the warehouse to see a few of this fall’s hot items.

Items featured in the show

– Bandai Figuarts Zero Brook New World Ver
– Bandai Myth Cloth EX Leo Aiolia -(it’s discontinued now)
– Freeing 1/4 Satellizer el Bridget Sexy Ver. PVC
– Sega Panty & Stocking Figure: Panty
– Sega Panty & Stocking Figure: Stocking
– Kotobukiya 1/8 Urayukihime / Hayane PVC
Bandai Saint Cloth Crown Sagittarius Seiya
Yamato vmf50 Original Concept Image Girl #5 Ami 50cm
Kotobukiya 1/10 Rockman Zero
– Kaiyodo Revoltech Himura Battousai
– Penguin Parade 1/8 Yagyu Jubei PVC
– Alphamax 1/6 Motoko Kusanagi Seburo M-5 & HK-VP70 Ver. Coldcast
– Orchid Seed 1/7 F.S ISM Princess Bitch PVC



  1. That 1/6th scale figure is really, big. And I presume she has a hefty price tag too hehehe. The Tony Taka figures look amazing. He’s art is good too, but, most of the characters sort of share the same face? (Maybe I’m thinking of another artist…)

    Is this going to be a ongoing show much like the Gunpla TV?
    Would love to see the other side of Mecha/robots. : )

    : )

  2. Figure Tv has become reality ! =p

  3. I am excited about this now. Not just that PVC static figures will get into the spotlight, but so will poeable figures!
    I’m looking forward to episodes introducing Figma, Revoltech, Busou Shinki and even S.I.C. lines!

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