• Felipe Olguera posted an update in the group Group logo of What are you building?What are you building? 7 years ago

    Just sharing my custom banshee ^_^

  • Juno-Uno posted an update 7 years ago

  • Ryan Gunpla TV posted an update in the group Group logo of What are you building?What are you building? 7 years ago

    My best work to date!

    • Not half bad

    • Even though the kit itself appears a bit wobbly you made it look a lot better! Even that cocolate brown does it decent amount of justice. Do you guys sell any weathering specific brushes? Because most of mine don’t last all that long due to the wear of this technique.

      • Brian replied 7 years ago

        Are we talking about drybrushing? There aren’t really any brushes sold as “weathering brushes” for drybrushing, since most folks just use their older flat brushes for that technique. The trick is to cut them down a bit so the bristles are shorter…great for drybrushing!

        • To be honest, I got mine, the one I use at the moment from a girlfriend. Even though embarrasing to say the least, I find the wide makeup brush with bristles cut short a nice tool for drybrushing. It’s a semi-hard brush, though not made for extended use and cleaning with chemicals I use so It’s going bald slowly, much like it’s current owner. 🙂

          • Brian replied 7 years ago

            That’s true, I forgot that makeup brushes make fine drybrushing brushes! Good for applying pastels and pigments, too. You can find all kinds of great modeling supplies in the cosmetics section of stores!

        • GN replied 7 years ago

          Have you tried the Tamiya Weathering Master sets? I used them instead of traditional dry brushing on my latest build and I was quite impressed with how they worked.

          • Brian replied 7 years ago

            Oh yes, the Tamiya Weathering Master sets are great! Highly recommended.

    • i miss robotech. got to go get the dvd’s

      • I wish they would remaster Robotech, the animation just does not look that good on HD monitors, but the story is still epic.

        • Tim replied 7 years ago

          There’s an HD remaster of the first episode floating around out there. It looks… alright.

    • Java replied 7 years ago

      I thought it turned out looking top notch!.

    • that dose look nice.

    • Great looking kit, only thing that comes to mind that could really improve it might be to pick out the missiles in a different colour. Got any plans to build more Destroid kits?