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  • The biggest release of February is finally in with this week’s new Gunpla arrivals — it’s the Perfect Grade Perfect Strike Gundam! Based on the PG Strike released back in 2004, this new release includes new […]

  • The PG Perfect Strike Gundam is here! Using molds from an old PG, Bandai has created this version to include additional never-before-released parts.

    (As an aside — if you already have the older PG, you can […]

    • That’s an intimidating looking set of runners.

    • Why no undergates, Bandai and why on the outside of visible places (Mouth, shoulder armor, etc.)? It is a Perfect Grade! Ones again the new gate shape, they introduced 2018/2019, where the nippers easily slip down to the parts and therefore create ugly nub and stress marks on the parts. The straight gate connections, they had before have been way better and where much easier to clean. Cheers to Kotobukiya. Their runners are currently better.

    • PG Strike Gundam, besides LED Exia, was one of my favorite PGs. Really like the design choices for this grade and If I ever wanted a PG, I would probably start with a Strike Gundam. The Perfect Strike would definitely tempting, due to it completing the kit with all the accessories.

  • The HG Soryumaru arrived just last week, the first (and so far, only) of its kind from Bandai! The Soryumaru is one half of a new collaboration between the HG and S.H.Figuarts line — the other half being the […]

  • The latest Ultraman kit — Ultraman Suit Tiga — is on the unboxing table today!

    Designed by Eiichi Shimizu, this kit is the first in Bandai’s new Ultraman Suit Project line. It includes glossy parts and an […]

    • I’m really in two minds about these. On the one hand, they look so damn cool. They update previous designs into such an awesome mech-suit aesthetic. On the other hand, I can’t really see it as an “Ultraman” because of the original design being so smooth and simple… Though, Tiga was my first Ultra series… Hmmm…

    • I personally like the robotic look way more than the old, classic Ultraman designs. This model looks cool, but I’ll probably wait for the Evil Tiga they just announced!

    • One of my favorite Ultraman designs largely due to the cool head design. Also its odd seeing standard Gundam beam sabers with a non-Gundam kit, but it is in a uncommon color so thats awesome.

  • Today on Gunpla TV, the new Gunpla arrivals boast one Todd has been waiting for: the massive MG Fazz in all its glory! This new MG arrives alongside another Ultraman, an LBX kit, and a really special HG kit that […]

  • Introduced last week on Gunpla TV, today we’re unboxing the Dimensional Submarine Set from Space Battleship Yamato 2202!
    The Box

    Bandai treats us to several angles of one of the completed ships, with closeup […]

    • We all live in a Dimensional Submarine.
      It doesn’t fit the Beatles’ tune,
      But that’s where we live regardless.

    • I can see it will be very easy to make an entire fleet of just a few of these kits as this basically functions as a decent battle pack.

  • The first real big kit of the year has landed: the MG FAZZ Ver. Ka! Buckle in — this massive box has an equally massive number of parts.

    We’ve even got a size comparison for you:

    Are you ready to see what’s […]

    • I just wondering can you make the old mg ZZ gundam head? does all the part for the head are included? basically we can have 2 different head i hope hahaa.
      For the hand part i see that we also can make complete old hand part with the wing attach on it like zz gundam.

    • That is a beast of a kit.

    • Thank you for the unboxing.

      Still looks shorter in length compare to MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka box though. 😆

    • Thats one massive kit. I wonder how long it takes to just build it, let alone do touch ups like decals?

  • We’re back at Wonder Festival 2020 Winter this year, for another round of new announcements! Join us as we take you through the halls of the winter 2020 event, and check out the latest in anime, game, and sci-fi […]

  • Starting with a hit game released by Segam on the Sega Saturn, “Sakura Wars” has since turned into a multi-media franchise that spans games, anime, manga, and more!

    Bandai has gotten into the recent “Sakura […]

    • wish the pilot was painted

    • I was hoping that the pilots are already painted out of the box as shown on the pictures. But nonetheless, these kits look cool. I have always been a fan of the Sakura Wars (TV series) as well as the opening theme.

    • its a no for me

    • Ooh!! What a nostalgia hit! Never actually played any of the games, but I did watch the original anime series and OVAs. Loved the mecha designs so much that I got a few of the old kits back in the day, why do you keep tempting me to get more non-Gundam stuff?!? XD

    • Steampunk Samurai Alt History Mecha. Might pick one of these up and l maybe give it a different pilot…

    • Man, such cool robot designs! But I don’t know about these kits. They need more paint job than I expected.

    • I’m terrified to try to pain the figures inside, but I must try!

    • I presume these are not undergated. With some painting these could look quite nice, the swords already have good color separation.

    • Don’t care for the looks really but seeing how big the pilot is and that the new Sakura Wars game is coming to NA, I might put one of these kits in my maybe list.

    • If you ever wanted Zeon Zakus in a Steampunk design, these are pretty close to that. I love how big, and chunky they are.

  • The latest Ultraman kit is here: Bandai’s Figure-rise Standard Ultraman B Type Limiter Release Ver. It’s a mouthful, but a pretty slick looking kit. Let’s jump right in!
    The Box

    Bandai treats us to a few of […]

  • The HGBD:R Gundam Tertium has landed! As a “Build Divers Re:Rise” kit, you can certainly expect this chunky mech to have some great customization options.
    The Box

    Bandai shows off a couple of action poses, […]

    • Pretty decent looking kit. Nothing about it makes me desperately need it, but then again it does look like it would be a cool base line for other custom jobs.

    • I gotta know if we are going to get a normal Mk III Gundam from this

    • This kit looks great, hopefully the joints on this guy are better than on the Seltzam. Ive heard from a couple of reviews already that this might be the case despite both kits having nearly identical parts.

  • Today, we have a look at the new Bandai kits that just came out, including the latest in the Core Gundam lineup. We’ve also got some interesting new crustacean offerings from Fujimi, and a plethora of new Bandai […]

    • oooh blue lobster

    • Whether the lobster tastes as good as it looks? You should show the hint that these are not suitable for consumption. Anyway, now I’m hungry.

    • Sometimes I hate my brain. I kinda want to get the Crayfish and deliberately misname it a Lobster Monster, pinstripe chitin, a Tommy Gun and a Funky Little Hat.

    • Lots of stuff, and lots of bulk too! Always loved the Sakura Wars series, can’t wait for the new series! The new figures look awesome, I’m really feeling the nostalgia! Gundam, Eva, Ultraman, crayfish?!? Such modelly diversity here, haha! XD

    • Ju-Ju replied 2 weeks ago

      So many RX 78-2

    • nice collection

    • Great! Thank you ^_^

    • BNuts replied 2 weeks ago

      I’ll probably go for the Tertium over the Selzam. If I wanted to I could get the Setzam weapons, too. New Planet System for the Core Gundam looks pretty buffed up, but at least they come with the new Core.

    • I never thought I would be interested in a lobster model kit, but here we are. What a time to be alive.

    • I’m tempted on that Tertium

    • I’ve built Yamato kits. Doesn’t matter if there are no (or very very few) articulations. Parts fall off all the same.

    • It’s a shame that HG PFF-X7/M1 Mercuone Gundam is being sold through the DLC route of selling the armor pack and (coming later) its weapon pack. I hope if we get an RG line up from Gundam Build Divers RE: Rise, Bandai doesn’t go the DLC route of selling weapon packs & armor packs.

      I’m excited about the RG Evangelion series:
      – RG Evangelion Unit-01
      – RG Evangelion Unit-01 (DX Transport Platform Set)
      – RG Evangelion Unit-00
      – RG Evangelion Unit-00 (DX Positron Cannon Set)

      I think it’s cool that Dragon Ball Figure-Rise Standard keeps growing in numbers all the time.
      But why doesn’t Bandai, do it for its other licenses like Naruto, Boruto, RockMan, etc?

      I’m excited for MG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios.

      That’s actually HGCE ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam, which is the successor to ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam.
      I’d like to see Bandai make MG ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam (Ver 2.0).

      That 1 fireman that get falling over from the force of the fire hose… lol

    • Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    • That Lobster kit is hilarious. Someone should kitbash it with a Kapool kit.

    • I was really just fine with my one HG RX-78, the G40 looked very tempting but this new HG is something I’ll be keeping an eye on.

  • The Mercuone Unit has arrived! This kit contains armor parts to use with the Core Gundam to turn it into the Mercuone Gundam.  You can’t build the Core Gundam with this kit alone so you’ll need to have one of […]

  • Today, Lindsay and Dave are taking a look at the lovely twins of “Re:ZERO”, Rem and Ram! There are many figures of this pair today, but this is one of the cutest we’ve seen yet.

    The girls are sculpted in an […]

    • a figure with both girls

    • All I know about these girls is that, at some point, they took over the whole figurine world and it has never stopped since then. xD

    • Absolutely Beautiful!

    • beautiful

    • Ooh… more Ram and Rem! So adorable, love their subtle and innocent facial expressions… If I had a mansion, I’d fill it up with figures of them, which is really quite possible considering how many of them there are out there!! XD

    • I have no real interest in re:zero but the figure looks pretty nice.
      Mostly i wanted to write and than you for recommending Dororo, after the last episode i went and watched the entire show and i loved every second of it, aaaand it made me preorder the Hyakkimaru figma almost instantly after finishing it hehe

    • oh my god, my twin waifu !!!!!!!!!!!

      love the facial expresion.

    • I think it’s weird how the figma of Rem is more expensive than the figma of Ram. Is it the bigger bust?

    • But why do they look kinda terrified?

    • They look great

    • I love these type of 2 in 1 figures. While Rem seems to be the more popular one I do love Ram’s hair color more (as red on black it provides more contrast than blue on black).

    • I am a big fan of Re:Zero and especially of the Oni twins! This is an especially cute figure that features both sisters, which is rare for a single purchase. I would love to display these girls on my shelf!

    • This might be the most beautiful thing ive seen

    • Yooo, Lindsay watches Mother’s Basement, huh? Small world! 😀

    • Looks really good. Also haven’t seen that company before looks like they do good work.

    • Great! Thank you ^_^

    • Its pretty amazing to see how they only used the hands as the connector points, it saves from having weird molded spots here or there.

    • If an item is on order stop and lets say for a random example that item was the Hello Kitty x Haro (Anniversary Model) would that item become available again if someone cancelled their pre order?
      If in this unlikely scenario this was to occur what would be the chances of an interested party or to be more exact and test this theory lets say me, being able to acquire one.
      I suppose I could test this myself on items as an experiment perhaps but feel somehow that I would be being mean to the item.

      • Yes, if preorders are cancelled then an order stop item would automatically open up again for order. This happens most often right around the release date of the item, so it’s best to keep an eye out at that time. I recommend using a browser plugin that can alert you of changes to a webpage as soon as they happen, to stay on top of stock status changes. (I can’t recommend a particular plugin since we aren’t affiliated with any of them, but there are a lot of them out there!)

    • dyc replied 2 weeks ago

      They look soooo gorgeous! I was thinking about buying them.

    • I’ve never been attracted to the show, but these two gorgeous girls have caught my attention since the first time I saw them, they’re just beautiful and sexy!!

    • What’s better than having best girl? Two with a difference of color.

  • The popular Mobile Doll May gets her review day! You won’t want to miss this one; May could very well be one of Bandai’s sturdiest, most versatile girl kits yet. She comes with her real and MS faces, and plenty […]

  • As fans of the 2019 anime “Dororo,” we just had to check out Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid of the main character, Hyakkimaru! This cute little guy is equipped with everything he needs to take on demons, with […]

  • Join us as we take a look at the latest Highend Master Model Zoid release, the 1/72nd scale Godos! With dinosaur styling, spikes, molded-on details, and guns everywhere, this little guy comes packing some serious […]

  • Today we have not one, but two mecha girl kits to take a look at! The first is the V.F.G. Macross F VF-25S Messiah, which alone is technically 2 kits in one box, as you get both the jet fighter and the girl. On […]

  • The first two Sakura Wars kits are here: the HG Koubu Kai (Sakura) and HG Koubu Kai (Ichiro)! Aside from the colors, these kits are virtually the same, so we’re going to take a look at Sakura’s Koubu Kai first — […]

  • The first month of 2020 is coming to an end, and the final releases for January are in. We’ve got new kits from Bandai, Kotobukiya, and Wave to look at this week! Items from Gundam, Sakura Wars, Danball Senki, 30 […]

    • It has been a long time since your presenting table had to carry so much boxes.

    • looking forward for the gundam doll

    • if you want to immortalize the 2000yen gift paper make it a lamp XD XD XD

    • This egg-like robot looks very interesting! I would like to see a more detailed review on it.

    • Ju-Ju replied 4 weeks ago

      The Sakura kits look interesting.

    • A review for the C.A.T. whole be interesring.

    • BNuts replied 4 weeks ago

      CAT-00? How about a 00-CAT custom?

    • Bee replied 4 weeks ago

      My wish list has just gotten longer and back log is getting out of control. So many kits that I want to build but not enough time to build T-T

    • Nice to see Sakura Wars making a come back! Less frequent giveaways but a bigger prize pot overall, does make it a bit more exciting and make the reward even MORE rewarding! As Todd mentioned, pretty much a free standard-sized MG kit, ooh…. Looking forward to it!

    • Lots of Gundam kits coming this year including reissues of some older ones, hope HLJ can catch up with all of this because the 40th year of Gunpla is gonna be a wild one.

    • Oooh, more enticing prize. I like it. Farewell to the 2000 Yen sheet. It has served well.

    • Looking forward to some of the upcoming Zoids kits.

    • Really excited about those Sakura Wars kits. I hope you can review them soon.

    • i hope they make macross jet girls from the macross super dimension fortress

    • great show guys! frame arm kits look pretty cool. any suggestion for which frame arms would be a good 1st buy?

    • Great! Thank you! ^_^

    • I have to get the May kit for being a cool looking MS and girl figure. I did hope there was going to be a 1/144 kit of her Wodom suit.

    • Free sweets and treats with Valentines orders discontinued! Noooooooo
      I can’t remember which team member over ordered treats last time (David?) resulting in the excess for this accidental generosity but this wonderful mistake has become part of HLJ history and should be upheld as tradition being revered as part of the vaulted and honourable HLJ policy of caring for its loyal and valid customers.

    • Hello, i never built a 30 minutes mission kit, but they like very fun an friendly user for customs, like the portanova and others space type in this line. I want to try to mix and match parts on some of these kits !

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