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    i absolutely downright dislike this series the only thing good about this show is some of the few gundams that debut in it like gundam x maoh or wing gundam fenice rinosuta

    • What a shame. I thought it was quite a fun series to watch so long as you can get past the kiddy plot aspects of the show. It was a nice tribute to the gundam franchise.

    • I quite liked this series, though I always think of it as a series like Yugioh, where it is just a ‘happy fun and teamwork’ kind of plot line rather than a deconstruction of war like most of gundam.

      • It was a fun light hearted series that did its job and showed the fun of gunpla

      • Or the same story told over again for three series, kid finds gundam in time of crisis, somehow knows how to pilot the thing, becomes one the best pilots after a few slaps from Bright, sacrifices made on both sides by loyal friends, the end.

        I liked this series, and it kind of shows that they know how enthused and dedicated their fans are with some of Sei’s OCD moments.

    • To be fair, it’s not like this was another Seed series(despite the main character having a penchant for the Strike), because Seed and all of it’s accompanying series are the stain on the Gundam Universe.

      • While many may argue that the seed series was bad, there is a much darker, more prominent stain.

        • By Filming standards, G-savior is better. Yes it was a bad movie that never should have been made, but it fit in with all the really crappy cartoon/video game to live action adaptions, actually being better then all of them at the time. G-savior is also a single movie of bad, where as seed spans more then 100 episodes, over more than one series. I would rather take one crappy movie over days worth of crap.