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    Hay all. I need a bit of help. Today I took out my airbrush for the first time. When I started spraying I got these air bubbles on the piece. I’m using a Vallejo acrylic primer. How do I fix the problem?
    • Is your airbrush new or used ?
      genreal advices:
      -clean the airbrush before first use if you bought it used
      -give the primer bottle a good-long shake before using
      -thin the vallejo primer a little (with vallejo thinner): few drops of thiner every 4 ml primer is a good starting point

    • I’m sorry, but I have to disagree on that last note. Never ever thin down the Valleo primer! This is where things turn really sour.
      It almost looks to me like there is a foreign substance in the airbrush that mixed with the primer.
      One very important thing, do you have a moisture/water trap on the compressor? It looks like they are water bubbles…
      And this is how it’s recommended to use the Valleo primer:
      -Use an air pressure of 20/25 psi
      -First coat a really fine mist, leave 20min before second coat
      -2nd coat a bit thicker than the 1st, leave it for 20 min again
      -3rd and final coat is the overall covering coat, so a thick coat.
      Once these steps are taken, you should leave the primer to cure for 24 hours before applying a color to it. If you plan to sand the primed parts, leave for 48 hours to dry.
      But again, it looks to me like they are water bubbles. If you don’t have an moisture trap and don’t have the resources yet to get one, I’d advice getting a spiraled hose. Some claim it “traps” the moisture too.
      If you want to take the primer of without sanding, you can try letting the pieces soak in thick bleach for at least 24 hours. Never tried it with the Valleo primer, but I’ve had to do this on my recent project several times. It will take any water/alcohol based product right off. It doesn’t work for enamels and lacquer based products though. Just use an old toothbrush for wiping of the parts. Please take note in using old clothes and use latex gloves. It will leave a smell on your hands that’s not like roses. Yo can just run the used product trough the drain. It’s not toxic, if one thing it unclogs your drain.
      I hope this all helps you out. Good luck

    • thats the “fish eyes” problem wht happens is when ur painting as the paint comes out of the airbrush the paint is drying before its hitting the surface of the paint. wht is ur thinning ratio for the acrylic primer that could be the reason

    • are actual bubbles forming when you spray the paint? if so then it maybe something as simple as you holding the airbrush too close.

    • Thanks everyone for the help. I believe it will be a mix of a new airbrush, not being cleaned first. and holding it a bit close.