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    Syd, I have deleted my entry for the intermediate of 1/48 mega size RX-78 ANA. Is it possible to join in beginner modeller with my FW converge dendrobium? I will do some panel lining, painting, detailing and decals
    • Umm… FW Converge aren’t plamo ur supposed to enter plamo….

    • No, Converge isn’t Gunpla, it has to be something you have to build from plastic runners.

    • that’s exactly what I mean. To enter u have to build a plamo(plastic model). FW Converge is a figure. It’s already pre-built.

    • I see, So can I just dismantle the whole thing and put it back again to join. Or better yet transfer to advance modeller?

      I just want to have fun building but currently no available kits to enlisted except for this one which I bought from HLJ also.

    • U don’t have to use kits bought from HLJ. But the kit must be available for sale at HLJ/ was at one point sold at HLJ. Dismantling and putting it back won’t make FW Converge a legal entry as this is a plamo competition not a figure competition. FW Converge is a figure not a plamo. I see that u previously tried to enter a mega size ANA RX-78-2 kit. That’s a plamo but it’s not for sale on HLJ as it’s a limited edition kit. To sum up use a standard version kit not P-Bandai, expo exclusives and other limited products.

    • ok thanks for explanation, I think I cannot join in then 🙂

    • U still have > 3 months left to complete ur entry, grab one kit. It’s very easy to find. Even much easier and much cheaper than the limited edition ANA kit that u have tho. There’s still chance.:)

    • Like Meijin said, you can go to you local hobby store, buy a kit from them which HLJ sales and now you are in the running. They made some clarification to the rule which you should check out.