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    I’m curious, with discussion on video games on Gunpla TV from time to time, What are some of everyone’s favorite games? I myself always enjoy some Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

    • Currently playing The Last of Us on the PS3, Guild Wars 2 on the PC

    • I’m surprised to hear someone outside Japan playing monster hunter, is it any good?

      • monster hunter 3 ultimate is the only resaon reason i bought a wii u at first.. dose that awnseer ur question ..if not

        i freaking killed a dragon and am i am wearing it hide and teeth as a weapon..XD!!

      • MonHun lives in the US! *sorta*

        It’s awesome on the 3DS and Wii U. The online is much better with these latest versions so it’s easier then ever to get into it.

    • i like rog type games dark souls,GW2,and monster hunter.

      i also play gundam games like battle field record,dW3 gundam,battle operations,and gundam breaker*witch is awsome for kit bashe ideas..*

      • I haven’t played any of the Japanese Gundam games. I’ve done Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3. I’ve also wanted to play Another Century Episode R, Played the Gundam UC (Unicorn) game? How was it, and which have been the standouts?

        • wich japanesse gundam game u speaking of gundam breaker or battle feild record.

          • I guess I don’t mind hearing about both. How does battlefield work?

            • battle field record plays like gundam target in sight.but actualy good game play. were this game shines is in the online mode were u picks from 3 sides federation,zeon,and merc*merc is the best cause it allows u to play with both sides gear. but requires u to beat both story modes*. the free mode wich has the online play u play thruogh mission…[Read more]

              • Thanks for taking the effort to explain them to me. IM Silent_Eagl3 on WiiU, Xbox and Steam and Si1ent_Eagl3 on PSn (someone took my name :\) not sure if PSN is right, barely play the PS3.

    • Xenogears back on the PSX and the Xenosaga series stand as some of my all time favorites, then just about everything Capcom does is golden in my books, Megaman, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis(before they let it onto the xbox cause lets face it that one sucked), and Pheonix Wright, all of it gold.

      • Played Dragons Dogma? That was brilliant.

        • never played that one but it’s another Capcom game. Really can those guys even make a bad game? doesn’t really seem like it lately, Even “Remember Me” which is one of their less spectacular games shows a lot of potential, and the innovations of that game I’m sure we’re gonna see in years to come though in a more refined form hopefully.

      • Loved Xenosaga back in the day. Was a huge RPG guy. I also have a fondness in my heart for Resident Evil 2. Such a great story and gameplay device.

        • Oh yeah back when resident evil was scary, now it’s a really good action game but kinda lost the horror survival that it pioneered anymore.

          as for Xenosaga and more towards Xenogears, who’s seen that new “X” game Monolith is making, that title alone makes me drool. when I see that big red X I can’t help but think of a very similar X in the logo…[Read more]

          • ive been meaning to get xenoblade chonicles since I had my Wii, I will be getting monolith soft’s new game (It has the composer from Gundam Unicorn) It looks sexy.

            Its also sad to see how far horror has fallen, the last scary game that was good was Amnesia the Dark Decent and that’s been praised as one of the best.

    • Heres my question why does the world always in a zombie apocalypse in the video games and movies

      • not always, MegamanX had a space station drop on the planet, and Bloodrayne I suppose could be said to have a vampire apocalypse for example.

        Zombies apocalypse though is used so often cause it’s so convenient. if you’re world is undergoing a zombie outbreak then two things happen right away. 1. you instantly have an unending supply of badguys.…[Read more]

        • I think Zombie apocalypses are a popular trend because they have a mix of character development and action. a good mix for entertainment.While possibly the standout zombie game is tell tales the walking dead game.

    • Doom, Quake, Half-Life, and Rise of the Triad are some of my favorites. Actually, I’m really waiting for the new Rise of the Triad to come out. $15 is a steal for how dedicated they are to preserving the feeling of the original game.

      • Half-Life I found meh, despite its goldly status I couldn’t get into it. I loved playign Quake 3, and that was the type of shooter I was raised on cant stand CoD or BF gotta have my spamming of rocket launchers and arcade action. I’ve been meaning to get the quake collection on steam i’ll get it someday. Rise of the Triad I haven’t heard of.

        • Half-Life is a mixed bag. You’ve got the linearity and focus on story that kinda takes away from games these days, but since it runs on a modified Quake engine you move fast and it’s generally fun to play once you get past the early parts.

          As for Rise of the Triad, it was sort of overlooked upon its release in 1995 because everyone would rather…[Read more]

    • Zelda and Metroid on Nintendo, on PS, I’d love to see Parasite Eve on PS4 but at the moment, I have to say Final Fantasy series,Tomb Raider and The Last of Us are my fav.

    • hands down pokemon