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Japanese Snacks Feat. Uma Musume

There’s a lot to say about “Uma Musume” these days, especially about how the one year Anniversary is basically here for this smartphone game that has hit #1 on the charts consistently since it has launched. And, hey, maybe we’ll cover more about it later on, but for now… we want to show you guys the amazing food items and energy drinks available to celebrate this amazing game! You have one of our great staff members to thank for some of these great photos!

Check out the massive haul of food and drinks below! There’s even more than this available, too!

Those are our own personal pics, and while the energy drinks are exclusive to Family Mart like the rest of the goods, we just couldn’t resist showing those off, too! For a more in-depth look into the Family Mart offerings, we’ve gathered all of the goodies you can pick up! … Er, provided they aren’t sold out. Which, y’know, they probably are…

Which one would you choose?

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