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HobbyLink Unboxing – RG 00 Raiser!

We are just like you, chomping at the bit for a chance to get our hands on the 1/144 RG GN-0000+GNR-010 OO Raiser. Now that we do have it in our possession, we are going to build it but first we thought we would show you the box contents. This kit is a bit of a departure from other Real Grade kits as, yes, it does have that frame, but the addition of the Raiser puts it in a class all its own. The build video is on the way!
RG 00 Raiser-1

RG 00 Raiser-2

RG 00 Raiser-3

RG 00 Raiser-4

RG 00 Raiser-5

RG 00 Raiser-6

RG 00 Raiser-7

RG 00 Raiser-8

RG 00 Raiser-9

RG 00 Raiser-10

RG 00 Raiser-11

RG 00 Raiser-12

RG 00 Raiser-13

RG 00 Raiser-14

RG 00 Raiser-15

RG 00 Raiser-16

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  1. Looking forwards to seeing you build this one!

  2. Sweet, I wanted a 00 raiser but I didn’t know what version to get, but I think i’ll get this one.

  3. Man I so want that 00 Raiser.

  4. I don’t see it, but I’m assuming the LED isn’t included in this RG kit, right?


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