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Hobby Insider – Episode 2 – Wingnut Wings

Scott Hards interivews Wingnut Wings’ Richard Alexander. Learn about director Peter Jackson’s love of WWI aviation, the company’s upcoming releases and more.

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  1. Those are just the best WW-I Kits I’ve ever seen. I like especially the Albatros Kit. The Gotha in 1/32 will be massive, I’ve build a Roden one in 1/72 but boy, you’ll have an argument with your wife if you start working on this

  2. I have most of the Wingnut Wings kits and can tell you that they are some of the best kits that are available today on the market. The detail and information that each kit has shows the care that they have taken to develope the best product that they can. The Gotha is a fantastic kit and it will take up alot of room. I can see that I will have to build an addition on to my house just to display all of their kits. Please keep up the good work and keep the new kits coming Wingnut Wings.


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