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Gunpla TV – Suyata’s Titanic Port Scene (And Airship!)

We’ve got a special episode today! It’s not every week that we get a chance to review two kits of the same subject from different companies!

One of the most famous ships in the world, the RMS Titanic, has been kitted by both Meng Model and Suyata! Both of these kits go for a super deformed style as well as being molded with parts in different colors and featuring snap fit constructions.

While the Meng kit includes only parts for the ship itself, the Suyata kit comes in two versions for diorama builds! The one we’re looking at today builds a steampuck titanic diorama with an airship. The other variant, which we’ll preview for you, comes with seals and icebergs.

Which one of these Titanics should you sink your money into? You’ll have to watch to find out!

In this episode:
Titanic Port Scene and Airship
Titanic Seal and Iceberg Scene
MOE Royal Mail Ship Titanic

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  1. Wow, that Suyata kit looks more detailed and the colours look more vibrant too! Guess you get what you pay for, but definitely worth it IMO. Plus it comes with scene parts as well, really cool! They’re definitely doing a great job with these first few kits!

  2. I prefer the more detailed kit

  3. it would be surprising if it can float

  4. dat ice berg

  5. The box art of the diorama is freaking beautiful. It reminds me of Little Nemo in Slumberland.

  6. I kinda wish they were pointing the opposite way on the spinning base. Oddly OCD.

  7. Cute little kits there. Some panel lining would help.


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